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Asked my little brother what he wanted for his birthday. He said, With beer glasses and withoutTactical SunbatherGood Old Construction!With fall in full swing, I can't be the only one that feels this way about hoodiesA nugget of wisdom i found on my walk in Venice BeachMy family likes to make the names longer to get more frosting. My cousin Dawn's birthday cake.Unique Style to Get In CarYears from now squirrels at Marquette Park will tell their grandchildren of the day the nuts/M&Ms machine collapsed.Weekend Goals!Master RoshiGame time.He was most definitely a younger siblingOh Richard HammondIn case you were curious what it looks like when a cat falls off a headboard and onto your face while you're asleep.Good call, keychain companyCan't argue with thatHow to get a bigger wand by next week!Thug Life DOGLook at the pink guyMostly....This stray cat came into my cousins office. Looks like he has a huge business decision on his mind.The ol' razzle dazzle!Saw this in Snapchat this morning                        
                    Ordered popcorn shrimp... was not disappointed