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Technically, yes.How to ruin your children's pornTerrifyingly accurate.                        
                    This cars Yoshi cosplay is on point.Treats! Oh boy oh boy oh boy15 minutes. It took me 15 minutes to get this little fucker from underneath my car. He didn't give a single fuck either.I am at a loss for words.The Curious Case of SpidermanTrying to reach the word count on all those end of semester essaysThis is my job...An interesting phenomenonHe Shoots, HE SCORRRREEESSS!MRW I'm Welsh and counting sheep to help me sleepYep every time....Good morning parentsMy girlfriends model U.N. group came up with this flow chart for who to vote for                        
                    Uh oh! It seems your thrusters have been encrypted!gotta string (theory) it out a littleHopefully my ceramic dog will be ok...Was helping clean out my grandma's basement and I found some pretty cool stuff. I thought this one was worth sharing.                        
                    Too hot. Can't squirrel.It's the perfect crime!My coworker brought sugar to the office for her coffee and labeled it. One of the attorneys I work with responded...I asked RGD to draw my boyfriend as a Game of Thrones character /u/ladymarie1 delivered