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So we were playing Dart when this happened... I was about to win! :(This place has a booth for redditors                        
                    Suspicious cat is suspicious.Identity crisisWhen you're late for work.Prospective students at my university were looking through the classroom window, so my professor did this.What's the password?Hello?When someone walks in when I'm in the bathroomGod Damnit, Grandma.I knew it looked familiarI use reddit wallpaper changer. Started my PC only to see this image...Best Baseball Card EverA great prank to come home toPoor guyCan this be my job title?I'm so confusedFacebook delivered todayA face begging to be punchedMy cousin started dating a guy that drives this around.Happy Thanksgiving!Nice tryMost of these are obsoleteWhen your post gets 10 upvotesBeen an RN for 5 years, slowly I have found what WebMD has done to us.Well, I don't see any flakes. You win this round Head and Shoulders