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TV Guide needs to work on those abbreviationsNever use white type on a black backgroundShe likes long walks on the beach and overthrowing the bourgeoisieCan someone explain what's going on here? This was found in my Child's Doctor's office.Kids these daysPlease tell me your not doing that in rush hour traffic.love me for MEDo I want to know why they need a helmet? What's going on in there...                        
                    Waiting for my Financial AidProfessor pranks students                        
                    My thoughts on Obese Black Bearthis really gets my goat!Panda?So I work at a restaurant...ISIS introduced their airforce todayAren't cats supposed to be afraid of cucumbers?Nailed it.Is it beefListen here you little shitMath just got importantshe was late for schoolYou're such a noob, Frank.I guess my boat anchor arrived...My office is struggling with the New policing method by NYPD