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It's fine if they want to live here, but they should at least learn the languageCarbon BondagePretty easy to see who rules in this relationshipSurrounded by idiotsThe reason why your internet is lagging this morning...Wasting everyone's time indeed                        
                    Summertime!When GPS says My mom likes to occasionally pull out my old ID she saved and call me a My wife took a photo of the $16 dollar photo of us on a roller coaster. It was NOT appreciated.Facts!Today I found the best thing of my childhood.Since we are doing obituaries..Walking into Monday like...I was browsing advice animals and it finally happened.Just the factsSemen joke in Garfield?racismMy facebook feed right nowSoo... this exists...Moment Grenade Slips From a Soldier’s Hand During TrainingSuch DarksideMy dog is a little too excited about the Memorial Day barbecueFound this at a building on campusAnd it still works to this daySign at a bar in Oklahoma.