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Protect your chickenMade me use oneSeinfeld: A show about picklesJesus, this show looks pretty intense.Sayin' it like it is.This girl waiting hereThis sign in the bathroom at a bar last night...My friend's response to the passive aggressive note taped to the coed bathroom door of his lab complaining about how women always have to move the toilet seat.I Like the Cut of This Person's JibCheesePaused the movie Clueless to read the stoners tshirt. Was not disappointed. (Sorry for quality)sign at the restaurant where I ateHappy Father's day!Found outside the local kids museum at an electric car "refueling station".My wife's way of telling me not to give our 14 month old a full sized Teddy GrahamEvery damn timeThe dog's thoughts when he got himself stuck on the waterfallAh man, I hate this shitty vinaigrette.How's life?Oh shit..I asked my sister for Guardians of the Galaxy and this is what I got...I'm not even madProsthetic level: bad assMy nephew's reaction is pricelessBill Murray on LettermanGun Safety. Texas StyleI think my friend likes bananasThe perks of taking a philosophy class.