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Three Baloos, One BalloonIn fiecare dimineata pe masina mea. What the hell...Elevator prank. Imagine this happened to youEvery fast n furious moviePounds VagSeems good to meWhat are you doing?My daughter got this from a classmate at her school's Valentine's day party, she's in preschool.Setting you up for failure.They waited an hour for a chance to see the Flying Scotsman go throughI think Arby's confused Vegetarians with Buddhists.Every time I watch Beer always makes you smooth af                        
                    The 50's were a much simpler time...Came up on my newsfeed.I think CAPTCHA needs to talk to someone...The company I work for is putting up their new sign! I have to believe the workers didn't leave it half done by accident.My friend is an artistfuck you grandmaMaybe because your using a home phone.nice save my friendMy favorite Bart Simpson quoteBack in the day.The best candy that no one has actually purchasedCute and OffensiveSomebody forgot the first rule of the fight club.