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youtube right now, seems about rightHotel I'm staying at right now, who's job was this? Go go gadget arm!Trying To Be SneakyKFC Philippines, calm the fuck downDad vs Social MediaGrammar NaziThe most savage kiss cam of all timeStar Wars WeddingDiscovery of the centuryFor those of you that aren't sure how to begin...A photographer was taking wedding pictures for a couple when he noticed a familiar face in one of the pictures.Didn't think this one throughThis guy is way ahead of me when it comes to watching march madness when you're not supposed to.Missing a Tabby?                        
                    No, this is Batman putting Superman in his place.I'm sad he's gone too. If you draw a mustache on Rhiannas face, it's like he's still hereSo when are Big Macs $99 cents?PC BRO                        
                    Do not question Beck's musical legacy. His music will be played for another 1000 years.I wonder what is taking her so long in the shower?                        
                    The meaning of my usernameC'mon Richard, not a clue?Still cracks me upSkywalker, James Skywalker