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Wow catAlright! ...never mindAt first I was certain it was a face swapDo You Think You Win ?, F@ck YouDealing with the day face down.Bird shits a self portraitYeah, I think I'll be a bit late for work today.Just convinced my bf to join, how I feel after accomplishments as such.                        
                    Hard work is so over.My lifeWe try not to sexualize KatyDecided to paint this weekend. I'm sure this is Satan's doing.How to deal with your last nameJoin the fight!Looked out the window to see the local hangout spot..One of my Facebook friends posted this today. Glitter beard.The phone is saved! Story in commentsBitches be trippin'Asked a coworker to take a picture of me by the beautiful morning sunrise at the end of working an overnight shiftBest disclaimer ever...Fetch.This dude is ready for shit to go downJust cut a little of the top..ahhh.. Perfect!Sleepby the wayCamping is always fashionable… But, first set up your tents