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Seriously? of all the people you choose me?The definition of a perfect faceSoon ;)Poor little beastHitler in shortsZombies would have added to the legitimacy.Me every night.The irony...Arizona dot is getting cleverDay 12, they still have no idea; and I hate it here.Self-installing PipeDump of classic combined gifs for those who haven't seen them yetEvery damn timeSo yeah...This shit is too scary.Fire - man's oldest nemesis!                        
                    Zornak Returns!What do you mean you don't know it Jamal?Step your selfie game upNot a good timeIf you want your cat to help with the housework, you need cat-sized cleaning toolsMaking father proudBurn!!It's 1:00am and my neighbor decides to send me a picture of my naked dad eating ribs.I PromiseDedication