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Found this bomb from Ours is an old building. I'm glad somebody is working on fixing its glitches.My girlfriend is the worst impulse shopper ever... And the happiest.CSI Saskatchewan just wouldn't have the same appealOh please let this become a thing (Ron Jeremy meme)                        
                    Feminists just can't decide what they wantKeeping stats the first day of potty training and had to add another column.Pandas want you believe that all they are is cute and cuddly.I'm not gonna make it, but I'll keep trying anywayLieutenant Dan, you got new legs!So this just went up in Springfield, IL...One of my favorite spongebob momentsHow cornyI believe we're stationed on the same ship, shipmate.It just makes senseFor anyone who wants a laughwhat if the aliens turn out to be dicks, did anyone consider that possibilityI didn't know drake works at in n outThere is something wrong with this picture...www.website.comBecause that SD card is SOOO complicated to install.Catch me daddy!Just three friends hanging outomg what's thatLove this so much.Hugh Jackman photobombs a news reporter