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When she got that booty but then you see the feetI see your funny Alien art, and raise you the Alien kissing booth                        
                    Saw this licence plate yesterdayHe saw his chance, and he took it.The internet right now.Looks my son's gonna be a plumber.He asked me if i would join him on the dark sideAh... The good old 60'sWhite House identified the person responsible for flying a drone, and crashing it in the gardenWhen girls are finally off their periods.This is what getting out of highschool going to college was like for meThat's how autocorrect works anyway.TaZ gets caught staring after his post match interview                        
                    That last load was gross apparently...Hold me closer, Venti Latte.Morgan Freeman's opinion on his immortalityIt's important we clarify this before we get into the upcoming holiday season.Ready for Summer                        
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