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Mildly amusing.Goddammit SimbaOP arrives on the battlefield on his armored steedSo my wife got a new job at a new company. Needless to say, her co-workers are not pleased....MRW my health teacher asks how often we watch pornDue to the lack of common sense...How to sneak chocolate into american movie theaters.Great, now I have a blimp fetish.And four some adults too by the look of itThis is how my tech support chat with Netflix started at 3AM.He saw himself on the phone and freaked out.Harsh..Is it late enough for this yet?I'll have some of what he's havingMy grandma proudly presented her christmas cookies that look like a candleBut who better than a man with experience?Oh Monday.Metric vs. Imperial [Fixed]When your driving exam goes badly the second you try to back out of the parking lot.Every iOS user has a folder like thisSuitcase stickers to amuse the TSA and their notorious sense of humorTired of people at work stealing my coffee creamer. I tried a new approach and it's working!Every timeOne of the best signs I've come acrossBeerdlike a gloveProfessor against the students who come late