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This generation, always on their phones!What do they put in this yogurt??best kind of surveillanceTHINGS I DON'T LIKE DUMPNeeded the laugh during a grueling customer service shift!Trying to get your pants on right out of the dryerThis make me laugh more than it should!My cat has a secret modeling jobRedneck A/CIf Lays Start Selling BeerAustralia, if the animal can't poison you it'll find one that can.Help! I can't see!Just fuck me up,famSomebody ordered pizza?This was featured at the open bar at a friend's weddingSolid sales techniqueIf the rest of your work is this clever, I'm interested kid...Driving to work, nek minute pigs in a trailerCaution! Pac-Man driving snowmobile next 3 miles.SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERLong day/hangover proofWait a minute...We'll be fine...I genuinely wish TV presenters were this honest all the time.A visual representation of sex after one drink too many.Hard work pays offSo Nokia just posted this on their Facebook.