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When rice isn't the only thing on your listI don't remember this particular storyKnowledge is powerRing bell for serviceSo my daughter is home from college. Found this taped to her bedroom door this morning.Here at subway, we only hire the best.Ladies, listen up...Wait...What?Sooo me and my dad decided to take one of those 20 year later photos.. I think this was a success lolGo get 'em, big boylet me measure your armDeal with it you little shitWhy is this always the case?Yay team spirit!Meanwhile, at the White House...Manned Mission to MarsGrowing grass in the boss's keyboardEdgy, Joe T. Very edgy.Why so serious?Can this shopper really be THAT stupid??Well I know where I'm getting murderedI see your "classic white dad attire", and raise you a classic Spanish dad attire.Portland last night after marijuana was legalizedI think you know what's next America...Seems Legit