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                    First day at the new job, saw this on my bosses doorThis was above the urinal in one of my works bathrooms. We have been staring at it for months.Badass Of The YearA picture that radical muslims WANT to keep on the internetMeowtain dewWell, I.. Uhm.. Uh, congratulationsM'lady not included                        
                    Honda To HyundaiBut I know how to play video games and give good blow jobs. That's a plus, right?Pornhub has a new Opened my boyfriend's glove compartment...I bet I'm not the only one.My uncle found my aunt reading this in a small hidden corner of a bookstore. Hindsight is 20/20.This building was not planned well.James Bond appears to have been in a terrible accident.College LifeFree-time activityThis is getting out of hand.The 'Incredible' HulkLife isn't what it used to be...When you are thinking of your SO in PublicA mans best friend.Unfortunate nameThree Pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger with sweet potatoes for armsLadies when they see my Pokemon collection.