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...homemade zip-line test runSounds like a compliment to me.                        
                    The douches of our timeA Flock Of Haircuts.Kids say the darnedest thingsWalk out of my bedroom and see this every damn morning. Same wall, same position, staring into my soul.It goes deeperFuck it.What's the difference between Feminists and Hockey players?Its not alcoholism, its activismI give to youHow brave of youCharging your phone with your laptop while your laptop is plugged inOnly had enough ham to make one sandwich today                        
                    Every time someone calls and request a meeting.I guess we're in Boston nowDo you even life bro?                        
                    A friend's dog was bit by a bug, now she looks HIGHLY suspicious of everything....Deities, manThe resemblance is uncanny...Is he friendly? [OC]Great adviceBest result of the night.I don't mean to brag but I've got strawberries growing the size of LEMONS over here! :|