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It seems the Pope has been chewing on his stitches.Being an adultWell this just about sums up summertime.Good Old Construction!This excellent joke was hidden in the credits of Pulp FictionMerry MerryThe Arctic Fox, one of the most graceful and majestic animals in the worldMy girlfriend says I snore so I bought theseStephen Colbert had it rough growing upManspreadingR.I.P. Canada. Thanks for the maple syrup.I guess truckers have a sense of humor too.PrioritiesVictory!The only reason we read these anymoredBecause screw your traffic, I'm richIt's a sign.Spa day for the girlfriendI didn't know how to cook Christmas dinner for one.Me.                        
                    RomanticShow off dad scars kids for lifeThe Angel of Deaf                        
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