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Olympics in RussiaNope!I would like to see CanadaMade a pie crust. Turned around to get filling. Turned back around and this is what I found.Ladies and gentlemen, Katy Perry as a Cheeto.MedicationThis guy has a strong message to give the worldThanks a lot, CapTrustWhen rice isn't the only thing on your listLet's just say I was not sober last night and let my mind run wild on MS Paint. After looking at it this morning I am still undecided if I was onto something with this concept or I just happened to create the worst idea for an animated show of all time...I put a Transformer toy in the empty catholic Mary shrine down the street from me a few weeks ago and it is still there.Like a bossMy dad took a picture of me on a fishing trip that makes me look like lieutenant Dan. I assure you I have both of my legs.Yes, yes you are.My wife sent this to me after explaining that our growing child is now the size of a banana                        
                    How our cat looks when we wakes up.Saw this on the train ride this morning. I snorted as I laughed.                        
                    Wife scares the crap out of our catFinally, I can afford the expensive wine.Saw this on Facebook... relationship goals?Dunston Checks inGoddamn rightWhenever I'm feeling stressed, I just look at this picture of Seth Rogen riding Space Mountain and I instantly feel relaxed.Don't mess with this guy