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They told me to photoshop him into our championship picture since he couldn't be there, so I did.Found in an old Disney bookGuess who's guest-editing MAD magazine?Say what you want, this is true.Focus....Let us not forget Pervert DaveWould you like some?life treating me so farAsked Dominoes to write a dirty joke on our box. This is what they came up with.As a guy: Nope.Well that threw me offPareidolia...Shenanigans outside my local bar.So nice, so funnyThe Cryogenator is a cold-blooded killer returning to the future. His judgement awaits...Accidental Selfie                        
                    Relationships (revisited)Do you have a project that requires We can't blame the heat though :DHook line and sinker.Found this in my cousins yearbookSofa, ruthlessly devouring cats.Trolling done rightWhat I think whenever I see wrapping paper at the store