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It's worth my time.Ok ok, guys... calm down. I'm joking !My friend's senior prom...they were lining up for pictures on the bridge and chaos ensuedkids running competitionI turned 18 yesterday. This was the birthday card my little brother gave me.Poor little botThis is my favorite Harris moment for Parks and RecHighest Paid Public PositionYes, I see your pointDonald has it all figured out.This bird left an imprint when it smashed into the window and shat itself.Been job hunting for months. Took a Netflix break from doing applications. This... this hurts.Today I identified as Water Heater at ChipotleName a word that rhymes with New Mario-Kart character!So I'm out tonight and my GF texts she is pissed I left the toilet seat up.. I asked why and she sent me this...AdulthoodStinks So GoodBilly Trips BallsLanguage issuesNew Zealand librarians recreated a Kardashians photoshoot.My daughter leaves her toys out. Sometimes it makes for weird looking scenariosMakeup artist helps couple experience their journey together into old ageI guess my username is finally relevantDude crashes Ferrari California during a test drive.A fun game to play, is to text a friend asking where they are, then text them as though you're telling someone else.