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                    How to solve a 1x1 Rubik's cubeThe type of stuff you see on Amazon reviewsMoney TipNeil Degrasse Tyson causes brain implosion.Browsing Amazon and...Real life powerrangersMy local gas station's signs have made the front page before, and I think the owners are getting bolder.being white in one GifThe crew of the Enterprise were really interested in my sandwich.So this happened while I was loading phone drivers on a computer at work todaynow that's an adventure!My stepson when I was showing him how to change the oil in his carGoogled Indian writing. Was not disappointed....As a colourblind person, I don't believe you Crayola.Decided to pick up sign language...(F) 31 - Recently got regular metal braces. All my girlfriends warned me it would be disastrous to my love life. After 3 months with my new look, here's what I learned."Why are you being such a dick? I just want to make the little golden bros kiss for a second like they are. Don't ruin this for me, McConaughey."