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This just happened this morning on my way to work. Tug of Pig.You mean dogs can't take the SAT's?Few weeks ago NZ voted on a new flag, unfortunately the 'Laser Kiwi of Doom' version did not winFine, human. I will play your stupid game.Me at Ihop on 4/20GrangangstaPretty much sums up the Super Bowl                        
                    Chris Pratt on the red carpet                        
                    OJ at his parole hearing (x-post from r/thesimpsons)ConesStar Trek Logic..!I choose you!Funny how 40 yrs later, the clouds are still in the same spotThis bathroom in Greece apparently has a laser mounted above the toilet capable of dismemberment.Kill me now...Almost captured a great father daughter picture...I haz caught the dumbs todayHipster Forrest GumpI wonder if they are hiringSuper Sweet 16 SalenaI like Sal's style.                        
                    The struggle is real.Why i don't let the kids help with the housework