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The door is alarmed!The coast is clear. Let's get out of here.Waiting in line, Level: Expert.where did he come from, where did he goPlease fall in line                        
                    This pretty much sums up my nightly routineHi... I'm just gonna sit here!Laughed pretty hard at this.Teddy bears make shelter dogs smile!On the desk of my wife's OBGYN...I told her it's time to get a new doctor.Best SQL Injection Attempt EverMy cat got stuck behind my bed.                        
                    Having a monster truck was fun until it needed new tires...The most metal thingEyes on your own paper...Well played little bee... you won this round.Han Solo is definitely a dadI had a bad day and my gf gave me a coupon book. At least she knows her limits.My little cousin didn't know what Sign not promising.                        
                    The very first thing my roommate sees on my TV in our new place..I still get corrected either wayObi-Fun Kenobi