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Worst SelfieWhen she asks if you pulled out and you say yeah?I was looking through my old sketchbooks, and thought this one was kinda morbidly funny.The Future of News.Winter Party BruhNice legsHow my body feels as a 30 year old male at the gymI love that my family has a sense of humor.Playing CoD with an Iraqi immigrantI too had a party, and I'm glad to say things got reasonably crazy.Maybe funny... But true marketing genius. From a night out at a club.My girlfriend told me that the vacuum didn't work. I couldn't imagine why.Rob Ford escapes from rehabI feel for you, KurtSign outside a pub in rainy Wimbledon, England                        
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                    Amazon reviews for a special pair of boots60 percent of the time, it works every timeThe moments older brothers live for.....Welp, that was a waste of money.My wife said her colleague was ill and needed to rehome his dog. I said sure we can take him! Then I asked her to send me a photo. This is what she sent.Hi Reddit, my ripped comic made front page yesterday. Here it is in high-res! (plus 20 others - OC)Lunch time!I ain't no commie