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Tortoise been trolling us for agesSo, I downloaded app that allows strangers to draw each other. It hasn't gone well for someone.I mean...Becky saw her chance and she took it.Every time I see a "Hulu Original Series"Profile VS Tagged Facebook PicturesClassic memes for your modern shenanigansDirty AmishSee you next year!why isnt this realTypical cat reaction                        
                    When you're literally drowning in life, stay afloatWhen I was a kid, my dad was in the task force and took this picture of meIt's going to be a great day in Tampa!I read it in my psych book so it must be true.sequel anyone??Walking in the ocean.This artist deserves a honourable mentionI woke up with my head on the mattress, how did he get both pillows!Stay safeThat awkward moment...Walmart herding its customers withH H2OBeing terrible at a job you're overqualified for.One of my friends was too tall for his yearbook picture.I drove my Chevy to the levy, but the levy was... oh fuckThe Baltic Sea is actually a confused alligator