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Empty your dogsMarijuana is not a drug.One man's ceiling is another man's floorI volunteer as tribute.The answer to all my problems!Nice guys don't always finish last!On the rear window of a car outside of my job today...World Cup MiraclesThat's not how it works, kid's menuThe Halftime ShowI think this tablet is brokenI tried the tape measure trickLocal Church SignWhat a wonderful day to be a car!Buddy was blanking on a topic for his poetry class. I suggested sloths. He didn't disappoint...When the crew is stoned but you gotta take a pic for the christmas card.Thanks... I guessVape NayshThere and back again, a birthday storyMy son drew some ginger bread men for his homework. We're very proud of him. [OC]This fly and a frozen watermelonSmol golden becomes medium golden.in the hospital with pancreatitis, this is the get well soon card and my daughter drew for me.Someone spilled coffee in CanadaWhen your boyfriend has cooked a nice spaghettiI feel bad for laughingThis would make me want to move