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one passion-filled nightSwing Gone WrongThor doesn't need help                        
                    This guy....A kid made this iron man painting in class today...For god sakes, MUSH KAREN!My wife asked me if I wanted half her twix. She thinks this is a game.How Are We Gonna Go To The Park If He Can't Shut The Door?Came home to this. Second couch this year...Dammit Dammit Dammit"Opportunity does not knock, you have to climb up upon its back and reach out for it." - This kid.lionel richie has fallen on hard timesGot to love that smileYou're a tubbie Harry.I would not do this and Don't try itJesus is watching porn?Back to the future had it right all along...A nice familyThis post is going nowhere fast.Recieved a package at work. I'm kind of afraid to open it.My son's lunch bag todaymaybe not the best anti-drug ideaThis image will now always be in my head when I eat cheese balls.DO NOT STEP ON THE MOME RATHSBye Sara