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Durex' post on Facebook!A Dutch agent has no bike lock..Went to a party last night and met a really stand-up guy.Every time.My nephew and I made completely thrifted Bill & Ted costumes.Imma let you finish...Darn it, Timmy. Get your self together.I told her I could not buy her clothes because I did not know her size.This video game character is blue, collects rings, and goes fast.Happy Father's DayLook Behind You!Repainted my house this weekend.My dog will try anything to get a treat twice.. Not today dog, not today.Always wanted to broaden my horizonswell she's not wrong...Going to the DentistForest WhitacarPRNDLIt's pretty much become my natural scent.Sometimes I get bored at work                        
                    Clickbait TitleTurf wars.Inappropriate in every sense...I'm a VirgoInstructions Unclear