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couching level: SultanBiotics                        
                    Welcome to Los Angeles...the ladies' bathroomWhen people complain about class size...Dozens of minions, banana for scale.Do you want fries with that?You never forget once you've learnedA message to all the students about to go on summer break.Hope everyone has a great new year!Finally                        
                    Well duhFound this gem in Norway.Probably the most hipster thing I've ever seen!This kid got caught drinking at a party and was interviewed by my local news station, he brought his own microphone...surely you cant be seriousthe great escapeDefinition of 'When does the narwhal bacon' as per urban dictionaryI just got rejected by a dating website.. LiterallyWhen you've fallen behind in your douchebag creditsThis sums up my feeling about the little guy.Just One Bite...Good to know that it's not OJOne of my favorite Jim & Dwight moments [The Office]