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Best Friends let you Share their Stretchy PantsThe IT Department has a great budgetI wot m8..AccurateJesus, this makes me laugh.I'm sure after Black Friday there will be some good footage.Why are you guys so Anti-Dictators?He gave a “Wuddup. Peep this.” nod to the cameraman.What I imagine going on when girls describe how they use public bathroomsWorking in America sucksOne of life's biggest questionsHow to get to the front page...Self portrait.Ladies and gentlemen: Anagram at its finest!I work at a Plaster/Paint studio, where a little girl presented me with this work of art.My precious pretzel...Teenage Mutant Nazi TurtlesCoworker walked up behind me taking this picture and said, "Alan! Alan! Alan!" I almost peed my pants laughing.PDF is the most popular religionMy friend recently bought her first house. This was the housewarming present that she received from her sister.simple mistake, he'll be alrightNew work truck launches octopi.One of my favorite movie quotes of all timeSommething about this weather pattern looked familiar                        
                    Oh LokiBe aware.