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It's worth a tryMy diner abbreviated veggie omelet. It kinda ruined breakfast.what's the rush?Cool tent.I love you daddy...Should I be scared?I see your 10yr old cashier and raise you a snow storm timelapseIt didn't snow enough for snowmen here in Texas, so my friend got creativeIts no wonder people are confused!Love my stateStepping outside to see what's going on in BaltimoreThe unemployment problem is really getting out of hand.Sometimes I have to drag myself to the pub...Looks like someone has a future in calligraphyCaught this little shit trying to evolve. Threw him right back in the water.[OC]Amazon prime shipping's slight overkill on packaging.In celebration of Canada Day, I present to my fellow Eh-Sayers, the king of Canada.Ever been so high you can't fucking land your mind?Saint Patty's Day MascotBritish people queuing during the London riotsNice tattoo, DaveJust helping the planet by recyclingNailed itBrilliant PBS AdWell that escalated quickly...This is what you will think next time you drink some coconut milk.Why nobody takes baby boomer seriously