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Way to go guys. Now we're LennieBitch don't play meMy kind of girl...I'm sorry, we've run out of Elf on a Shelf. Can I offer you a Mensch on a Bench instead?Monkeys are cleverOuchBetter than a baby faceWhen I'm high asf in public and there's cops aroundI thought the gift wrap looked familiar...Meanwhile in Ikea....Faceswamp...When you have to go but the conversation is really goodHe really should read his own bookTruth in advertisingI too have a daughter going places.....Just a regular day for grandma pugWhat a real Manscape tool looks like.Now THAT'S style!At the airport this morning. Nowhere is safe.Clever variation of the traditional snowman with the help of a lamppostThey are teaching my son more than just mathPerson of the year goes to.....TotallyBy far the best find at the Thrift store todayHail were hail is dueThe pigeon gives zero fucks.Must... Get... This... To... My... Human