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                    have a good day... folks!!Some broworkers are better than others (pic stolen from a friend)Who says this dad thing needs to be that hard.look at meDon't be greedy in life420 glaze itWell damn...It's just one of those days..The legend is true...For your advanced pooping needs. (Found on my news feed)How my coworker entertains me at my boring jobThe dog thought she could get away with a dip in the pond.Just received this email from my daughter's kindergarten teacher...Oh, hello!They said no force is powerful enough to take down FIFA. They were wrong.Well this is awkward. [Fixed]This may be the greatest thing I've seen all dayHave you ever loved a picture off of the internet so much that you go and get it printed at Walgreens for $23?Stabilization3 Years Ago Today, this was my Last Post to Digg                        
                    So inconsiderate, Siri.Goodbye Time Warner. This is the TOTAL Google Fiber bill for 7 years of InternetBeing a father of two little girls                        
                    Close Enough