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But will it end?Found this on my desk this morning from my intern.It's the little quick jokes that Psych my favorite showHistoryThe Necks of Pawn StarsSeen in Woodstock, VermontI'm a nurse. I walked into my patient's room to discover that, even though he was in wrist restraints, he'd still managed to whip out his penis.I'm sure this guy wins the world's smallest penis award...An Update Is Available..My favorite scene in a movie. True friendsUp, up, and away...SnooooooooowFaces of Meth.PrioritiesWedding cakeStop it...No-frills marketing                        
                    No DoctorMusic piracy of the 1950s                        
                    I'm almost 40 years old, somewhat worldly, and I don't consider myself completely stupid. Yet this giraffe sticker the cashier gave my daughter hurts my brain.I went to pee in my buddy's bathroom & found this. His girlfriend is a little bit weird.I wasn't going to post this but then the horse had glassesLet's Moo ThisThis guys shirtWhatever happens with the new Wonder Woman in Dawn of Justice, never forget how far along we've come.