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Is your family complete?Remember this at next year's sexy Christmas party.What did one orphan say to the other?My corn has a penis.When men love is stronger that a piece of metallWhen you find a coffee shop you likeThis Top Gear moment gets me every time.Why are Santa and his reindeer being sucked into a black hole at Target?Sounds like something he'd do.Leatherface uses his Facebook                        
                    I can finally make a folder for my Mel Brooks gifs web rake for nobody.A space makes all the difference                        
                    I will never look at the show the same again.Could you make me taller in this photo?When the teacher says the presentation can be on anything you wantI wasn't ready for that.All aboard!Mall cop sees fight - No fucks givenHe just doesn'tPerfect IronyI don't believe they spelled this right.Life's warning label.Cleaning out my closet, don't know why I wasn't more popular in high schoolI think I'm amusing.