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My wife was going through her old grade school papers when suddenly...Steak knife at Heathrow airport, due to security reasons.Back when I was a young child, my classmates were fucking brutal.Taking it to a whole new levelBill Gates DabOne dog is clearly smarter than the other...This is why I can't take my Dad to nice places...My lunch milk had a abortion joke on it.Wearing pants when it's hot outsideLove and warDont pee and sneeze!Simple yet brilliantPROOF that Bruce Lee was reincarnated as a squirrelI'd grow these in my backyard.How to impress the ladiesThis is CGGIII!I said STOPGreat stories happen in 9 minutes.I don't think I've seen anything more American than this.So dad, I ate all the cheese balls and...Our office had a big high tech coffee machine installed yesterday. This untrue note someone put on it has been leading to a lot of confusion this morning.I love... you!I've been up for hours!Rolling a gigantic fattyDecided to poke fun at an old classmate who already hates me.Friend woke up to this day brightener after traveling abroad and spending a week in a youth hostel.Massive Dömp