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Yoda's HistoryIt all makes sense now.Mexi...?Ohhhhh, who lives in a mailbox just down the street?!One in the oven                        
                    The Good Ol' DaysMy boyfriend told me the plastic things are sleeves. I said no they are for hanging. Came home to this. At least he triedThe white knight's dreamThat flower looks tasty. D'ohMeanwhile I cant even save up for a pack of lays in 10 seconds.Who knew this would become so hard...Jesus Christ Sue!Well that's one way of looking at itwell fuckWhat's really important on your 20th birthday...I love the responses from groupon...1,952 found this helpfulYOU WANT A PONCHO.Testicle Stool For SaleAs an Australian, this is how I always have my Breakfast.That's no way to treat a fani love cakesPhone ads are getting really mean...There's definitely a major difference there...I really want to work for this company