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Marijuana is not a drug.When you are unsure you are sluttyNeed a confirmation number for your flight? Why not...Just a regular day at the lake.Mildly amusing.Reverse pincushion.                        
                    As a colourblind person, I don't believe you Crayola.Is this the derpiest dog you've ever seen?                        
                    I love Peep Show.Imagine every time he turned around they're all casually sitting downMr. BeanI thought this was the greatest thing I've ever seenMade this for my mom.                        
                    My kiddo is about to turn 4. This checks out.So you're telling me squid ward fucked a burger...How did no one notice this?Dat Bird.Excessive CelebrationDumpity dump dumpThank God it reminded me.Found this gem at my dentist appointment.I wanna move somewhere cold just for this.