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Came home to this festive prank in my front yard last night. None of my friends have claimed the credit for this yet.My mom cut all my dog's hair off so I changed her dog's nameThis muddy dog looks like a spooky mud dog wearing another dogs skin as a disguise.With the Olympics ending, from USA to Canada in our recent encounter:My experience with Tinderfunny cartoonIt's mean but i laughedMy Friend Sent This To Her Bar ChefThis needs to be reposted.When people ask me about my New Year's resolutionDeal with itStrip clubs in some countries are weirdYou're playing a dangerous game there...Does this count as natural selection?Realtor said we needed to remove all personal pictures. Things were a bit bare, wonder if she'll noticeSt. Cat StreetSex is no accident. Always use a condomThis is the best faceswap I've ever seenIn Parallel Universes.These damn goats!!!                        
                    We've all been thereReal fries have curlsA thought provoking chart. Who knew they were interrelated professions?Cats, being assholes since the 15th century.Plateaus...I didn't know coffee was transported this way!