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My extended family in Idaho realized that there was already a Cabbage Patch Kid among them. Decided to give it a twin.When I was 7, my mom had us take Christmas Card pictures. My sisters wouldn't stop fighting, so I did what older brothers do best..This robot literally shits bricks.April Fools gifts are now sortedPillows explode all of the time!Best spice indicator scale everMy German Shepherd just had 9 pups. She also ran out of toner.Am I Cute or Not? Ooooh!!!!I think I saw the king of Texas yesterday.My dog escaped as well. My mother in law sent me this.Not sure if they are getting ready for a Hold-Up or just going to a crazy sex party at the hotel in front of my place?What to do when you order a Small T-Shirt, and they send you an XXXL.Someone's a bit mad...This is crazy! Baseball fan jumps into water to catch the ball                        
                    Um what?A FOOL!So we have our own site now or what?I like to think he parked illegally.                        
                    Fucked up, but funny!My favorite line of King of the Hill. We need a reunion show!Anyone up for some Jenga?This is why we check our shoes in ColoradoNot bad, but I don't know if it sounds as menacingDwayne Johnson, 27 years.