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Grocery shoppingEvery time I watch Disney movies with my boyfriendMy love is like a candle.....The data is truly compelling.Haters will say it's fakeThat would probably be the best course of action                        
                    looked up pictures of masked rabbits I was not disappointedPoor atheist JesusThings not to say to your wifeI knew what had to be done....( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Ordering coffee as someone who almost never drinks coffee.My manager and I are both horsesThis may have taken more effort, but dammit it's about the message!I got tired of performing tech support when my parents wanted to print something.The importance of 1So, I downloaded app that allows strangers to draw each other. It hasn't gone well for someone.The Dutch win almost all speedskating medals in Sochi...... Word is, the're all starting to train for cross country sking so in four years......Dear technology, I will not be impressed with you until...Hit and run by mobile phone user...What do your fingerprints say about you?Welcome to Los Angeles...It's trueSome quality packaging by AmazonLouie C.K makes me happyI don't like what these quotation marks imply.