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Don't cluck with this guy...A pilot friend shared this note from the inbound crew when he took over the cockpit:What a good grandmaAll Hail Aldrin                        
                    The are 2 kinds of datesThe Anatomy of a WaspThe best Dads a corrections officer (me) and moms a medical director at the prison. We figured it was only rightStupid JessicaWatching Fresh Prince. Someone got to put this on their resume.You have to learn at some point.If you buy this refrigerator in Canada, it won't use as much electricity                        
                    Well, it did workSorry we don't train husbands, wives or kidsGetting grandma ready for dinner at Red LobsterFound the source of the horrified wolf tattooI've altered your signal. Pray I don't alter it any furtherThe most badass placard ever madeKid tries a WarHead for the first timeCat breaks while watching twirly toyOh, McDonalds... No thanks.As someone who works as Tech support, this doesn't surprise me at all.My friend showed me a picture of his younger days. Guess which one was himMom don't readhigh five!