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Leave the office for 10 minsNothing to see here.College....When you're stoned and someone brings out snacks...Nasty Hobbitses!Saw this review for My dog is a little protective of her toysThis is the pic that brought me to Reddit.How can I wear this fedora without hiding my dreads?Ever been so drunk....I love these hahaThey love each other so muchThey got the Pats Super Bowl trophy ready.Siblings know each other bestI'm on a marine base and saw this in a store.Oh Tyrone...Daily occupation                        
                    [Picture] Trying to get my girlfriend to expand her horizons in the bedroom.leaving soda in your car overnight during winter...Today an american exchange student got stuck in a statue of a vagina which we have on campus.This is what I think of when there is talk of public schools being privatized.Count me inDat Bird.MicrophoneThe cost of a hip replacement is too damn high!I wanna meet the agent who sold Willem on doing this film.