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No way Ebola is getting me now.I don't usually have much patience with tourists on the road, but this....this is just spectacular.Not what I was expecting when I removed Don't have to get all dressed upThe Adventures of the Business CatGuess which car is on meth ...Talk about embarrassing!! Thanks MOMI work in a schoolI've been leaving a bowl of m&ms out for the waitresses at my job every tuesday for two months. Next tuesday is April first.Gotta Kill'em All                        
                    Willem DafriendWhat's Halloween without booze?Wouldn't be my first choice for a business title...Just another spoiled bitch driving a sports car she didn't buy.True wealthAm I right?When your dad is an engineer.                        
                    She wants the (D:)Why hello there friendly side-of-juice package writingI came across a motivational picture and fixed itIt's going to be raining men.Well... Would you look at thatThis is my pygmy goat on top of my mini horse. Have a nice dayWe did it, Donny.So I'm out tonight and my GF texts she is pissed I left the toilet seat up.. I asked why and she sent me this...