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Not everyone is as excited about ChristmasSubtly racist subtitlesIt's the Home Alone season!Something was making my dog act like a maniac earlier today. Went out to see this angry bastard in my neighbor's yard continually baiting him haha.Live view from Buffalo, NYHave a seat.Everything I thought I knew about chemistry was shattered in one moment                        
                    Seems like a waste but whatever                        
                    Hank Cocaine Hill                        
                    This guy.                        
                    Found this in my local pizza placeDo you want fries with that?My duck has an Afro too. Meet Dawn KingThe tshirt people spelled her name wrong in the best way possible                        
                    I guess they finally realized they won't be needing this on their key ring anymore.                        
                    dog layed just right on my new blanketThe American Dad Facebook page just uploaded this picture regarding tonight's Family Guy-Simpsons crossover                        
                    Wanted to show you the size of my new boat, but..Well I guess that's a valid answer.