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Before & AfterWhen I heard about McDonald's and Burger King's McWhopperDay 5. They still don't suspect.Cat Loves Spray BottleIs this the right Angle View for a selfie?It's the head snap I am most impressed withjust leave me aloneAhh fuck it.EXCLUSIVEWhy do I keep misplacing stuff?When you try to take a group photo drunk.Be the change you want to see in the worldMy mom ordered an original painting from online. This is what showed up...Smiling little kidHow you can tell I've been in a bunch of weddings.We all know what country this bathroom is inSoonThis was taped to the back of the toilet in a tattoo parlor.Show me Your happy faceI'm so glad they cleared that upMy Gf gave me a horse for Christmas! I'm going to take him out for a trot.Makes sense to meNetflix is getting oddly specific.Damn it Damenian!Team rocket gets realBecause everyone else is doing it #MealPrepSunday