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I came across this book at my local libraries' Pop up blocker                        
                    I'm having a tough time letting goIf you're without a garage in the summerSaw the JPEG on the net and said I wanted it on a gym shirt. Here's my late but great Christmas presentNeil Degrasse Tyson causes brain implosionAs a fat guy losing weight..one last trip to the ocean before summer ends. (OC)A lesson in mannersWhen you see it...Sometimes I like to edit my friends photos...Someone parked across two parking spaces at my university. Someone else was happy about their parking ticket.I haven't stolen many things in my life but I sure as hell stole thisMe as a child...Sooooooo.... THIS!Cracks me up every timeI'm still not seeing it...This guy has a strong message to give the worldIlluminati confirmedI too got those fun coasterz                        
                    Mom had enough with questions about her twins!Halloween is coming...Essential oil burner has seen some shit.When I heard about McDonald's and Burger King's McWhopperStephen Colbert Gets It