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New approach for English LearningBrowsing the news when it struck meYou won't escape an awkward situation by ripping off this label.Do I hear...treats?Saw this while driving around Colorado...Bought my husband some candy to cheer him up, I don't think its working [xpost /nailedit]Proud father of a 4-year old here. The circle is now complete.Every time I try to make a point to my relatives...NHL 15 Realism at it's bestWell that got awkwardSmell like I sound, I'm lost in a crowd.When I steal some user's OC, make a dirty fix, and still give credit.Never give up on your dreams5 Stars for OkCupidMy wife thought she bought me socks with palm trees on them. Bless her heart, she had no idea.Sleepy FloofMy gf got me a drone. We also happen to live together.I found a sinkhole in Philly                        
                    The local brewery, Thwaites, announced they were shutting the place down. One of the workers decided to switch some of the letters off...I got great friends...She couldn't handle the speed.Tried to take a picture of my cat with the sky as the backdropMy friend's family bought a sheep.White girl wasted just reached a whole new levelHow To Kick a Bottle with no time