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My sisters dog 'Moose' had his first photoshoot... LA is a weird placeI'd say, pay-to-winThe hero we need but don’t deserve.THE FUCK ARE YOU DOIN...oh...thanks man.Porta-JuanAlways make sure to look both ways before crossingThe time has comePaul Rudd and Conan O'Brien selfie.We GET itThe truth revealed.Its been 30 days and nobody suspects a thing.Talking about white guy problems..If the Pope dies...My friend's cat looks like clint eastwood.It's all about confidence.April and Andy visit the doctorCheerleader does the entire routine dressed as a dinosaurI Finally figured out a way to keep the cat from shredding the toilet paper. FYI: to animal lovers (and my gf) this is just a joke, I did NOT actually leave them there.One two three..Four...FiveStill the best reaction I've seenSo this hot air balloon took off over my city today...My mom ordered an original painting from online. This is what showed up...Good employers are a thingMy Christmas Tree                        
                    Well, looks like the Simpsons called it.