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A coworker quit today. This was my parting gift.Never don't give up.See those holes? That's where your dignity leaks out...The InterviewThe original super bowl.The face you make...Like a glove.While also keeping unwanted people away from youHow do get your child to clean their roomThank you mediaAccording to realtorThe Internet this morning.Violence was so much more awesome back thenAptly found this on FacebookGo play in the backyardWhy I always keep chalk in my car.Wonga, a predatory high-interest payday loan company, have asked that this image be removed from the internetWhere white man went wrongFresh Prince stays relevantWe're going to Disney World!!                        
                    One more reason Drax is a badass...and we're gonna be drunk 'till the next time we're drunk.Berkeley Breathed nailed it thirty years agoVeronica from Better off Ted... and a hush falls over the room.I got drunk at a Red Wings game and woke up to this picture on my phone. I'm the one playing the piano.