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Gonna be sending out some invites for some lives to beat this one...Figured out what the weird bowl was for honey...Grandma bought a bell for my 2yo nephew and couldn't understand why I chuckled so hardThanks for the warningYou know you work in a hospital when the christmas decorations look like this....I have a dream...Stop that get back hereDJs these daysWe can't stop here, this is cat countryCouldn't agree more.Yes. Just, yes.My 6 year old cousin's assignment was to write a sentence with a person, place and a thingIn the meantime at my local hairdresser...Damn it, Peter. You had one job.One of life's biggest questionsHe's very forgetful sometimesWe mess with my mom about how she cooks I recently showed her this to tell her how I feel about it.                        
                    To all the bachelors out thereKim Jong Un enjoying the new movieHow I let people in the 80's know I came to party. [FIXED]Might as well ask the teacher....You need to upgrade your cat to 60 frames per secondThat .. That was mine .. Oh well, nevermindCologne for the average guyI didn't know coffee was transported this way!