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almostWell there's some morning woodAsk a Wino from Milwaukee's Wassup magazine. I don't know if it's real, but I hope you learned something.Illegally dumping? Here's a tip ...I've finally grown a cat beard.There was a homeless person panhandling at my university; I didn't have the heart to explain this to him.Margot Robbie insulting Will SmithBend, but don't break.South Park nails modern NewsGot a couple of those water resistant socks!Buckling Up BabyOld but goldNot sure why he was upsetHigh heels on a treadmillWas gonna show my SO funny gifs of cats hating banans and banan peel. This was the first thing I found. Not really dissapointed tho..What do you mean we are not going to the park?Noticed this while watching a NatGeo docu about the German V2 MissilesDrain ThoughtsAt my local Apple storeThe anticipation is killing me!Schwing!Almost missed this while cleaningDad jokeEm.. girls?As a Canadian, i don't know if I should feel pride or embarrassment over this...When I don't get a promotion at work (I'm a straight white guy).This was on the top of my Google News today