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This is awesome sarcasm                        
                    As an American watching British televisionI made a temple of 90's Cinema.                        
                    Damn it Jesus..Getcha Dad joke hereDid OP order water?When the reptilians have difficulties with their new body wrappingAncient Chinese Secret.Fuck this kid...Gotta love a girl with a sense of humorWhoever did this, I commend you.                        
                    Just got my tuition bill in the mail..So who's coming to hell with me?Whites onlytwo legged dog plays with his friend?The thing people learned by watching the Oscars last SundayFaith in humanity restored.They matter too, right?                        
                    And we wonder why no one visits usIt gets pretty hot in Alabama.Of all the places, he chooses to sleep here.Baby got backMy friend borrowed my cat for a film shoot. I asked him how it was going and this is what he replied with.