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Well this isn't helping.Tarantino, you clever mother fuckerBut I wanted to take breasts :(Pun dog is getting a little racyHow did I live without this?I rather be Solo.                        
                    Best Ad Placement EverSudden existential crisisWhy isn't this charger working? Oh...                        
                    Logic level: DisneyThere's no "f" in "way"Louis CK's daughterPlease stop.They basically threw spaghetti on the floor and made a road map out of it.Every white dad on the 4th of JulyMexican Reporter with the best Behind (the news stories)I'm on itAdvice probably worth takingIrish riverbanks                        
                    My sister and I were invited to a wedding and she ended up drunkenly photobombing a beautiful wedding photo                        
                    Dat license plate