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I dropped my drink...WHAT DO I DO?!?ConfusionI have no idea how long it was even on there... My friends are dicks.Thats just impressiveCats are arseholes.When you know you've let yourself go, but you hear someone say pizzaHa, you flinched!RSVP I'm not sure what to say....So my friend got this questionWellp, it's unanimous!Every single timeDo you even accessorize bro?For that special man-child in your life.Everyone is ready to steal your girlfriendI thought they were joking when they told me the name of this village in Anglesey.When the lady asks me to do something tedious, I decline, and she bribes me with sex.Justin Bieber getting crushed by Chris Pronger in the NHL celebrity all-star gameExpert evaluation.It all makes sense now.Meanwhile in Sri LankaMaking my way through the week like...Combined faces of the 5 best rappers of all time.Unique SolutionTraffic Lights                        
                    Hope.. no hope