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Start your day, the buttcrack way100 people were surveyed...Literally everywhere I went in Italy                        
                    It's like playing a few hours of an rpg and forgetting to save before you dieBeast of a man uses tackle as momentum to be glorious.An average week illustrated with beverages.My favorite thing about winterMake your wish count."Too Slow"; Taken from the wikipedia entry on High-FivesJust checking outMatryoshka Catsnoticed this on my way to...everywhereMy friends and I laminated our finals study guides and studied in the hot tubLegendary VoicemailGetting out of Jury duty. "They are all guiltyyyyyyy!"I sent the monkey picture to u/tumey23 he is a liarThe hate is real.I've never touched a boob but I'm fairly certain they don't do that.                        
                    All batmen should be treated equal, no matter what size                        
                    Uncle Ben home?