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Every cat on ThanksgivingMy niece after trying a s'more for the first time.Damn DuckYes... Feed me your leaves                        
                    The unemployment problem is really getting out of hand.This will impress her.Then why are you dressed like Santa??The Polish are hardcoreAre you not entertained...?Chair. The word you're looking for is chair.RequestSo my friend is actually a doctor...I love tire...Wife asked me for a roll of tape while cleaning off her desk. This is why:After hearing Jenny McCarthy is threatening to sue anyone who says she is pro-vaccines...Damn budget cuts..New Year Resolution?Well, that's just plain rude.Movie Scenes: Before And After Special EffectsGirlfriend asked me to throw away the box and packaging stuffs from our new bed frame before leaving for work, I did her one better.Vroom!Bill Clinton & Jennifer LawrenceMy cake needed 2 eggs well beaten.Now this is breakfastThis window tastes better than I thought