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Stages of my wife's despair when we missed the icecream truck.When task manager stops respondingHang in there!Just did this, feel bad as my brother really wanted chocolate ice creamNo mum, I don't want to explain why I'm not wearing my sister's gift from Beijing.Started my new position, found this on my desk for me to draw in Autocad.This was just faxed to my work.It's a electrifyingHappy Thanksgiving!He sleeve too big for his gotdamn arms!                        
                    Trouser ReportThe metric system vs. imperialCow It's MadeMinistry of Silly WalksKing of the WorldNo Diego NOSelf-installing Pipe                        
                    As a father of two girls, this had to be done.America... Where does all the time go?That's not a slam dunk, you can't do it one handedThats a show !Oh yes it does!.This is AT&T's attempt to fix my connection problems. (It didn't work)