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A new start? Oh wait ... oh god no.Posted recently on Donald Faison's InstagramSomething I picked up working in phone support.Snails: Nature's noble steedMy 14 year old pup's "going for a drive" face..I love you Detroit, but seriously, get your shit together.Funny idea from Men's HumorGo away! You filthy child!I'm at Chick-Fil-A and there's two kids on a date AND THE DAD IS RIGHT NEXT TO THEM CHAPERONINGSaturn's Moons Vs Earth's MoonsMy cousin's new rap album is entitled, "Money never sleeps." I sent him this picture. He did not like it one bit.We all have our dumb moments.Wait a second, Barnacle Boy, this isn't the Krusty Krab....Safe to say it isn't working out.My manager didn't think it was funny. :/Found This at Cornell CampusToo trueI too witnessed the shrine to the god of sleep at Music Midtown. Here is one of his acolytes trying to balance a beer on his head."Any plans for valentine's day?"There are literally DOZENS of us!The most beautiful breakup letter in historyBad children get coalBest description of SteamC'mon, I'm gonna be late!My family takes risk a little too seriously...Not the best way to suggest it...Squirrel steals and runs away with my cheeto