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We have signs all over New Zealand for dog walking areas written for dogs and people.What do you mean you don't know it Jamal?Do the injured hand dance!Someone in my building put this in the The sticker on this board gameMy 8 year old cousin made cookies. All I could think of was An epic battle of wills is playing out in my parents new neighborhood.Woman falls into fountain while texting.Lordy oh LordyThe End is NearData is beautifulSaw someone trying to steal a bike the hard way in Philly yesterday, When I beeped my parked car, he ran leaving thisProtestors lie in front of a truck - Get run over; Instant KarmaThings You Will Only See In AsiaWe found him like this in the morningWhen your girlfriend buys you an outfit that you hate and makes you wear it to dinner. (Found in the Louvre)Breaking FlandersWe used to fightThanks ObamaGoddamnit Michael BayCan't even get in to the friends zoneThis dude is ready for shit to go downAt least he triedI better post this while our American friends are sleeping...So damn majestic.Saw this at my doctors office todayBrrrr..