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Stand back! I know.. things..I recently moved in with my GF and her dog. I don't think he trusts me.So, my facebook friend grew a moustache for Movember. He looks dreadful. Simply dread-ful.This is always a good sign                        
                    They love each other so muchGrandma couldn't figure out why we were laughing so hard at her bookmark holder.                        
                    Maybe not the best idea to have a red flower down thereHow I feel as a new college studentDamn. Guess I'll have to find another dumpster.Very appropriate license plate.Möbius stripLooks like Zach is really stepping up his game...Finals Week                        
                    Seems legit                        
                    Me studying for finalsApparently /r/aww didn't like my duck picture.Did someone say dinnertime?First stealth fighter arrives at the boneyard.A "Stemfie" trend broke out during Belgium's latests elections. People took selfies in the voting booth. This is my personal favorite.Judgment day is hereCreeping on my wife's phone and stumbled across her alarm clocks.A woman named Virginia Bass is running for local office and every time she runs something like this happens. I can't help but laughEat a snickers