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never let your gaurd down...Matrix CatYao Ming's son.Every year my sister sends me this picture of me from Christmas morning circa 1985. I guess I had no time for pants that morning.A joke 5 years and $40,000 in the makingThey do it on purpose.Book 1 of 500Found on Craigslist. Free rubber duck!Chair pantsMom's shoppingWhen my girlfriend says she sometimes doesn't know how to initiate sex.Seriously guysSaw this at a local doctor's officePrankmaster GrandmaI was watching a video with "ghost sounds" when a disclaimer appearedAnd thus Reddit was born.You never forget your first... jalapeño.Pretty much why I'm content where I live as wellI wobble but I don't fall down.That's an accident waiting to happen...This is hilarious every time I see itMy stepson when I was showing him how to change the oil in his carBill Murray wardrobe through the years on Letterman.Don't mind if I do...Knowing is half the battle                        
                    My son, watching 3D for the first time in his life.