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How much will it cost to get my car fixed?All these bills are killing me!Pain Chart at the Docs office todayHere's a picture of my cat falling off the couch                        
                    Mad cow finally corralledIncoming high school freshman - If you dress like this, you're probably trying too hard.Even my car was sad that it snowed again last night.Did the only appropriate thing after the glass on the front door of the convenience store was brokenWhen scientists prank eachotherI hate the way they scream...Campus programs are getting interestingSo this is how they grow goats in Chichaoua, MoroccoThis warning sign also doesn't mess aboutEver hear a catchy song and then realize you made it?Faceswap..Sure...Visiting my boyfriends family in Germany. Saw this on his Opa's desk. I present to you German 90's swag.Think of the children!Who needs a TV?Caution: Keep out of childrenThis is epicAlmost had itNot AnymoreMy cat Apollo is always poised for a royal photo, but tonight, I finally caught him off guard.Clever boy.My gf's idea of a love note..