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Dominatrix Willow FTWRussian reaction to a meteor                        
                    A lovely day at the beach.Perfect practice session                        
                    What do you guys see?This is mine nowIt does.Neighbor asked him to feed his cat while he was away. I don't think he enjoyed his company.How I got my roommate to stop beating off all the timeWhen you wake up and realize you've made a terrible mistake the night before.How my dog waits to be fed in the morning..This is how all teachers feel on Monday morningSimple LogicAVG detects itself as AdwareMotivationAs an IT person When you hear something is wrong with a computer but you haven't received a ticket yet.Potty TrainingMy friend's reaction to a tree falling on his house from the recent ice storm...Found this in my cards against humanity box...It's his Ask a Wino from Milwaukee's Wassup magazine. I don't know if it's real, but I hope you learned something.Now that it's OctoberGuys compared to girls.Pull this lever and run!!!!!Denny's is hiring. Apply Enside.