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My dad's on a hunting trip and just sent this to me with the caption,                         
                    Saw this next to the cash register of the golf course I played at the other day. The only employee was a nice old man who was browsing reddit at the timeKids these days!Sums up my lifeThe gangs all here...                        
                    A napkin motto to live by.So it begins.It's ok, it's a male!Future generations are not looking so goodI hate when people crack jokes about 9/11so beautifulFound your problem. It's flooded.                        
                    No one is impressed with your pyramid Karen!Rude attackunfortunate tombstoneSo when are Big Macs $99 cents?spider cowWhenever I upvote someone from -1 to ZeroI was going to buy my mom a T-shirt from my university, but I don't want people getting the wrong idea.I found this today in a public toilet.Roommate tells me he can't find my package, call support and seconds after greeting the tech my friend sends me this.Was this not the proper response?Straight from the depths of hell.How to turn off a lion.