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Funny dog pictures

Dog QuixoteDog came to the vet today for swallowing a Monopoly piece...Have you met my dog Ralph?Dog-Like Reflexes

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Funny cat pictures

If you had a cat as a bossCarousel catHauling catThe pure hatred in this cat's eyes.

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Funny face swap pictures

This needs to be a thing this Halloween (jack o lantern face swap)The new form of face swap? An arm swap?My daughter face swapped with her doll.I face swapped with the airplane ceiling lol.

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Funny friend pictures

My friend just got called a cunt for turning down a guy. (she said no nicely, and only said she wasn't attracted to him)Some people went to bars with friends for St. Patricks day. I stayed in and made this.Letting your friend plank on you...Friend is leaving for a new job - we made her a cake

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Funny drunk pictures

A student emails his professor while drunk... results are amazing.How drunk girls look at 3 am waiting for their carne asada fries.Closing my eyes while very drunk.New post JohnnieTheShrubber images albums gallery profile favorites messages settings logout Next Post My brothers and I have zero musical talent but my grandfather owns a lot of instruments and we're all drunk off rum-nog.

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Funny beer pictures

My dad before going in to church to give up beer for ash wednesdayTacos, beer, dickThe Most Australian Thing I Have Ever Seen! You can't turn down a BeerIf 2016 was a beer

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Funny college pictures

There are two types of college studentsCollege nutshellMy sister finally knows what it means to be a broke college studentCollege kids love him! Find out his secret!

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Funny animal pictures

PETA = People Eating Tasty AnimalsFlying Squirrels are probably the cutest animals on earthIf I was in charge of creating the animals..

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Funny horse pictures

My life with horsesThere are two types of horsesCamera shutter speed synchronized to Lego storm troopers beating a dead horseTaming a horse

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Funny batman pictures

Batman got strucked in Bangladesh.Lol Batman, Spiderman And Santa Are Fighting This Year....Batman, Flash and one Baby Green Lantern Is here but they are waiting for The Greeb ArrowMerry X mas from batman family reunion.

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Funny roommate pictures

My roommate called making sure I didn't throw out his My roommate has an old photo of himself on our fridge. Today someone asked us, Is roommate shaming a thing?When your roommate is your best friend :P

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Funny facebook pictures

Cracker Barrel's Facebook page after firing Brad's wife.This police department's Facebook postGuy calls out Found on my Facebook feed. This is why I'm not sure I want kids.

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Funny me_irl pictures

Me irlMe irlme_irlThis is me IRL

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Funny wife pictures

Always wife the one that can do it all#JUSTICEFORBRADSWIFECracker Barrel's Facebook page after firing Brad's wife.My wife wore these socks to take our infant daughter to the doctor yesterday and wondered why she was getting wierd looks.

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Funny husband pictures

My husband's student is quite the artistMy southern husband objects to the soda I boughtHusband spots his wife scooting across the nursery floor after spending hours trying to get their son to fall sleep.My husband got a label maker last night. This is the adorable note he left me in the shower.

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Funny brother pictures

My fiancé's grandfather and his twin brother George. They're both legally blind and deaf. George passed away two days ago, this is my favorite picture of them.To My Fellow Bartender Brothers..hug me brotherJust older brother things

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Funny sister pictures

White boys win the approval of a sister with their sick beatsSo my birthday just passed and I must say, my sister went above and beyond this yearA brother helps his sister sell Girl Scout cookies.Son motorboats mom while his sister rides her [SFW]

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Funny baby pictures

Olivia Wilde's baby has a giant handBaby Elf on the ShelfOooh, baby gurl you fineBaby Making Faces

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Funny teacher pictures

12 year old girl written up by her teacher for using an Overwatch themed insult in class.this teacher is awsomeThis teacher means business.Teacher told me to bring a little fish to observe.

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Funny music pictures

If Rachel Bloom had to write a musical comedy number about her Golden Globe win, what would it be?New post JohnnieTheShrubber images albums gallery profile favorites messages settings logout Next Post My brothers and I have zero musical talent but my grandfather owns a lot of instruments and we're all drunk off rum-nog.Kids listening to old Christmas music [oc]Music festival in 90 degree weather wouldn't allow venders to sell beverages...

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Funny friday pictures

Happy Freaky FridayThe boss gave us Friday offWhen you're thinking that Black Friday couldn't be vicious...Black Friday Shopping

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Funny america pictures

Americans in Asia be LikeThe White House sent me an email about Trumps plans for American health care...I looked up What type of Americans are you ?

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Funny canada pictures

Captain CanadaMeanwhile, in Canada...OHHH CANADAAACanada today

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Funny christmas pictures

You are not alone. This the last 3 years of our Christmas photos u/Caraticuss.How to utilize your old Christmas treeMy friend got lonely over Christmas breakI mentioned to my friends that squirrels are my favorite animal. I have received squirrel related gifts every Christmas since then.

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Funny thanksgiving pictures

My 12 year old cousin added me on Snapchat on Thanksgiving. I just got my first snap from him.This happened over Thanksgiving [oc]When it's Thanksgiving and your family starts arguing at the dinner tableMy dad likes to keep us guessing with his Thanksgiving fashion.

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Funny new year pictures

My Dad started a new year's diet, I asked him how it was going.New Year, new guys going to the gym for the first timeMe starting off the New YearNew Year Celebration

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Funny valentine pictures

Valentine's DayAfter reading a reddit thread the other day, my SO and I decided to get each other the worst Valentine's gifts we could for < $10. This is what I got him.If you have a sadness and need a Valentine let me know! (Gotta send 'em out early if international.)Where Do You see your Self on Valentine !

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Funny weather pictures

Looks like 90 degree weather.....Music festival in 90 degree weather wouldn't allow venders to sell beverages...And now for the weather...Our local weatherman's costume today

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Funny work pictures

I'm still finding books this works with. Suggestions welcomed.My new co-worker is totally useless.I think my dad works here.First day at work like this

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Funny futurama pictures

Oh Futurama, you know us so well.Futurama never fails to disappoint.One of my favourite lines from FuturamaMy dogs take on Futurama Fry

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Funny spongebob pictures

2016 Summed Up In Pictures From SpongebobSpongebob gets caught watching sea porn.Spongebob is for mature audiences.Spongebob memes in a small dump

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Funny simpsons pictures

Simpsons Jokes are the Best JokesThe Simpsons called it..The Simpsons get it rightThe Simpsons

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Funny family guy pictures

Family Guy knows what's upPeter Griffin being Peter Griffin (Family Guy) Why I love that showFamily Guy Dump , enjoy ;)Original Family Guy jokes were the best.

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Funny instagram pictures

Taking pics of your girl so she can appease her Instagram followersWife found this on Instagram. I think you guys deserve as big of a laugh as she got from it.Girls on Instagram be like!Instagram vs. Real Life

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Funny nailed it pictures

he's nailed itNailed it.Nailed it!Nailed it!

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Funny badass pictures

Most Badass Guy EverMaintaining the title of badass.Badass MonkeyThis guy died a badass

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Funny 80s pictures

The most/best 80s moment80s social mediaI asked my 3 year old daughter to guess the names of some more 80s & 90s WWF Wrestlers1980s Soviet metal band

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Funny 90s pictures

After coming across some early 90s powderd milk i decide to go deeper in the depths of history (back of mum's pantry) this was the oldest fossil i found.That time the TMNT were on Oprah. Only the 90sI asked my 3 year old daughter to guess the names of some more 80s & 90s WWF WrestlersOh 90s.

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