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Funny dog pictures

Dog - Italy’s. coast Guard Dog (Rescue Floof) getting ready to jump into the ocean for a sea rescueDog Mistakes Pond for GrassTrying to work out with a dog around

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Funny cat pictures

Apparently I'm late for an important meeting with my catSpider plant are hallucinogenic to cats, so we moved ours. Think the habit is already formed.Cat's first experience in the snow.I'd like to dedicate this one to my assistant

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Funny face swap pictures

When face swap goes horribly right.Face swap with myself using two mirrors.On the topic of face swaps...Face swap parrot

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Funny friend pictures

When my friend from down South talks about how it will rise again, I send him this picture and remind him they can't even handle two inches of snow.Excuse me, can I be your friend...?We've noticed that the map of our city looked like the Millenium Falcom so my friends decided to draw it on map using a bike appMy friend tried to take a picture of her ice cream

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Funny drunk pictures

When you try to take a group photo drunk.Children are like drunk adultsI'm not drunk I'm just...Drunk bought this, drunk posting this

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Funny beer pictures

Grandpa bets he can drink a beer w/o using his hands from his forehead (sorry mobile)One beer and I go home...Shit BeersMy beer can has some good advice

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Funny college pictures

I finally figured college outHe still hasn't noticed his college graduation picture has changed! Stop Going to College, Please!The college student struggle is real...

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Funny animal pictures

Hal is my spirit animalGuy watching wild animals for the first time.Animal hospital has rhythmWhen animals get laid..

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Funny horse pictures

This is one of the most Canadian things I've ever seen... Someone parked a horse at a Tim Hortons in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.Vladimir Putin the horse whispererThe police confiscated a gang member's horse. This was the pic used in a newspaper.Man unsuccessfully preventing a horse from going shopping

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Funny batman pictures

Remember when Batman was a fourth grade girl?Poor batman...I wouldn't want to be Batman's mom...How Batman vs Superman should have been

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Funny roommate pictures

Finding the right roommateMy roommate took this selfie with my catSo... my roommate just sent me this.never fall asleep at your roommate's party

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Funny facebook pictures

This gem that popped on my FacebookMy ultra conservative grandpa posted this on Facebook. I don't think he solved the riddle...A late entry to Ohh facebook

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Funny me_irl pictures

This guy tries to impress his homegirl, and the result is...Me irlMe irlme_irl

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Funny wife pictures

Wife and I worked at home today in separate rooms. My live-in mother had errands to run. This is how I enticed my wife with sex.The wife doesn't approve of the shower curtain i picked outMy wife always jokes that I have hair pants...Recently married. My honest first errand to the grocery store for my wife.

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Funny husband pictures

Wife Goes Crazy After Finding Her Husband CheatingMy husband's drunk letter to himselfMy husband burned his hand and it's shaped like a peen.My husband told me he'd gotten me a 14-karat diamond. He's not wrong... He's just an asshole.

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Funny brother pictures

My brother showed my mom some dubstep videos yesterday. She sent me this.Found out my brother looks in the shower every time he uses the bathroom. Finally found a use for my life size Micheal Jackson cut-out.Soooo had to read this to my brother last night.Girl Shocks Her Brother With Loud, Powerfully Gross Fart

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Funny sister pictures

My sister in law caught her cat stealing from her purse, and decided to follow her to see where she was going. This is what she found behind the stove, where she has been hiding her loot.My pup had a hard time containing her excitement of meeting my sister's dogsThe way my sisters dog fell asleep in the carMy sister takes Halloween very seriously. Even the dog has to get involved.

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Funny baby pictures

Baby goes through every emotion waking up.Baby GorillaFemales everywhere could learn from the 8 year old I babysit.It's a hard knock life, baby.

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Funny teacher pictures

Teachers.So my teacher said Friend skipped class, Teacher never suspected a thing.When my teacher gave me my midterm that I got a 28 on.

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Funny music pictures

Action, romance, Music festival in Ireland has it listening to christmas music today [oc]Music class gets steamymy wife asked for something to wear for her birthday and she likes 90's music so I made her a shirt

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Funny friday pictures

People on Black Friday...where did I park again?Not a zombie invasion, just black friday sale.What a beautiful site to see on Black Friday.Happy Friday time!! 2017

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Funny america pictures

Emma Watson on the difference between English and American audienceNo wonder America reached the moon first!America... This is why Americans are fat...

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Funny canada pictures

In Canada the winters are so bad they need signs to boost moraleMeanwhile in CanadaOnly in Canada....Black Friday madness in Canada.

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Funny christmas pictures

Always a sad day when it’s time to take down your Christmas decorations...This christmas themed venus fly trapOH OH OH Merry Christmas !My friend didn't have an extension cord so he improvised and used Christmas lights

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Funny thanksgiving pictures

All these people with huge Thanksgiving feasts and I'm just here...Happy Thanksgiving!Happy ThanksgivingMy mom left my dad and family for a total asshole named Brad. Thanksgiving this year is at Mom & Brad's new place and I will be wearing's my Dad!

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Funny new year pictures

My Dad started a new year's diet, I asked him how it was going.New Year, new guys going to the gym for the first timeMe starting off the New YearNew Year Celebration

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Funny valentine pictures

When buying Valentine's candy, keep this in mindValentine's Day is only a month away..Valentines Day Appropriate (30 Rock)Valentine's Day

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Funny weather pictures

Severe weather alert in SpringfieldThese cookies capture the unseasonably warm weather perfectly.Wendy's had enough of this weather job!McGregor Vs. Mayweather

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Funny work pictures

Gravity.exe has stopped workingThis weird business card I found at work.That must've made for an interesting conversation at work the next dayWife and I worked at home today in separate rooms. My live-in mother had errands to run. This is how I enticed my wife with sex.

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Funny futurama pictures

This 18 year old Futurama joke(xpost)With Atlanta under a tropical storm Warning experts believe futurama may have been more historically accurate than previously thoughtMy favorite scene from FuturamaRemember Roberto from Futurama? This is him now. Feel old yet?

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Funny spongebob pictures

3rd world SpongebobSpongebob evacuated as wellSpongeBob Cubepants2016 Summed Up In Pictures From Spongebob

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Funny simpsons pictures

The SimpsonsOJ at his parole hearing (x-post from r/thesimpsons)The Simpsons gets it.The Simpsons gets it right.

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Funny family guy pictures

Family Guy predicted EAFamily Guy knows what's upPeter Griffin being Peter Griffin (Family Guy) Why I love that showFamily Guy Dump , enjoy ;)

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Funny instagram pictures

Celeste Barber’s Instagram parodies are killing itTrolling the instagram scammerJust got the original Instagram camera for 10 bucks.If lions had Instagram [FIXED]

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Funny nailed it pictures

I told my fiancee that we needed to get a funny tree topper to offset the Nailed it..Nailed it.Nailed it

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Funny badass pictures

Go to the Samurai experience in Kyoto, they said. You'll learn to weild a sword like a badass, they said.The most badass referee everCustomer came into my part time job wearing this badass shirt!Badass Of The Year

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Funny 80s pictures

To the six people in User Sub that will see this, enjoy this piece of 80s rally gloryThe 80s - when being drunk in the bathroom was a real challengeTeaching kids about the 80s.Only 80s n 90s kids will understand.

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Funny 90s pictures

Moving back in with your parents was so remote from experience in the '90s that it was a jokeMy coolness levels peaked in the 90s.Only 80s n 90s kids will understand.After coming across some early 90s powderd milk i decide to go deeper in the depths of history (back of mum's pantry) this was the oldest fossil i found.

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