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Funny dog pictures

My dog isn't allowed on the couch. This is his solution.One Determined DogGolden retrievers are beautiful dogs.

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Funny cat pictures

cat fishingCaught myself a Catfish the other day. He was a fighter.Cat.exe has crashed

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Funny face swap pictures

face swap with a quokaShe face swapped with her doll.An unusual face swapWhen face swap goes horribly right.

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Funny friend pictures

When I ask my antisocial friend how his date wentGirlfriends coming to visit!!The egg challenge is real, friendfriendship. [OC]

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Funny drunk pictures

Mothers Against Drunk DinosaursA lad that drunk so much during the Brazilian carnival that he forgot his Girlfriend was on his shouldersThis drunk guy wont let me throughIll bet this was a drunk idea gone right.

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Funny beer pictures

Hold my beer while I climb up on this bikeBeer serving robotNeed a tow? his first words Beer people, admit it, you at least know someome who did this.

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Funny college pictures

This is what having a puppy in college is likeI saw this exact scene dozens of times while in collegeThe last of my childless friends from college had their first baby recently. They're being adequately initiated.College popcorn hits 90k upvotes

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Funny animal pictures

Tested on animalsLongest friend in animals making them fool LOLAn emotional support animalhumans and animals (OC)

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Funny horse pictures

Just a little horse on horse action.Pulling on A Horses Mane What Could Go Wrong?This is one of the most Canadian things I've ever seen... Someone parked a horse at a Tim Hortons in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.Vladimir Putin the horse whisperer

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Funny batman pictures

moustache Batman!!!Remember when Batman was a fourth grade girl?Poor batman...I wouldn't want to be Batman's mom...

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Funny roommate pictures

Roommate sets his goals pretty low.Every time my girlfriend and I go on vacation we buy one of these signs to put on my roommates door. He’s a 25 year old guy.My roommate made a flowchart explaining how to use our terrible dryer.Finding the right roommate

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Funny facebook pictures

Durex' post on Facebook!They broke facebook...Me when anyone tries to show me a meme on Facebook that I already watched die on Imgur.Facebook tagging gone wrong

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Funny me_irl pictures

This guy tries to impress his homegirl, and the result is...Me irlMe irlme_irl

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Funny wife pictures

My wife and I are doing fertility treatments. Today I had to provide a sperm sample. Here's the super erotic not awkward room where you jack off into a cup with your name on it.This is my wife when she’s not too happy about studyingWhen my wife comes home after being gone for 2 weeks.My wife found this in a parenting book, we have toddler triplets

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Funny husband pictures

I let my husband decorate the bathroom.Parked my husbands new Tesla Model X in the driveway for him for Valentines Day!Wife Goes Crazy After Finding Her Husband CheatingMy husband's drunk letter to himself

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Funny brother pictures

Cecil the Lion's brother....Little girl Yakuza kicks her brotherMy little brother is very tall so we use him to measure thingsAbout to take a math exam. My little brother’s tv remote had one dead battery and my calculator was on the couch

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Funny sister pictures

I asked my sister to dry my pants while I got dressed and I came across thisMy sister let's her kids make inspirational quotes for each day. This was my nephews quote for todayKurt Cobain looks like a child attending an event with his mother and baby sister.My sister saw this unfortunate-looking starfish at the aquarium today

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Funny baby pictures

In case you haven’t seen baby hedgehogsBaby woesYou spin me right round baby right roundBaby refuses to be cooked as a part of religious feast

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Funny teacher pictures

I give you all my chemistry teacherThings my teacher(s) can do better.Somebody finally thought about the teachers.Trying to get the new teacher in trouble

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Funny music pictures

Cue the Jaws Theme MusicAction, romance, Music festival in Ireland has it listening to christmas music today [oc]Music class gets steamy

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Funny friday pictures

Thank God it’s Friday!When it is Friday the 13th, but it is still FRIDAY!Fitness Friday in the ZooThank Good it’s Friday

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Funny america pictures

Americans: Asian American ProblemsAmerican Mix Skittles.How Americans Die Abroad.

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Funny canada pictures

How to tell you're in CanadaOnly in CanadaIncredible view of Canada from my aeroplanes window...In Canada the winters are so bad they need signs to boost morale

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Funny christmas pictures

Always a sad day when it’s time to take down your Christmas decorations...This christmas themed venus fly trapOH OH OH Merry Christmas !My friend didn't have an extension cord so he improvised and used Christmas lights

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Funny thanksgiving pictures

All these people with huge Thanksgiving feasts and I'm just here...Happy Thanksgiving!Happy ThanksgivingMy mom left my dad and family for a total asshole named Brad. Thanksgiving this year is at Mom & Brad's new place and I will be wearing's my Dad!

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Funny new year pictures

New year, new lookI realize that the New Year holidays are overMy Dad started a new year's diet, I asked him how it was going.New Year, new guys going to the gym for the first time

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Funny valentine pictures

We had quite a windy Valentine’s Day...Parked my husbands new Tesla Model X in the driveway for him for Valentines Day!The sweetest romantic confession ever. Happy Valentine's Day fam. ????Every year on Valentine's Day

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Funny weather pictures

This Weather Rock in Regional NSW,Australia.Weather girl wore green dress to workThe Weather ManWeather girl wore green dress to work

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Funny work pictures

Spotted on my way home from workHow envy works[Image] Your hard work always pays off, even if you you directly see the resultsWork Stories!

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Funny futurama pictures

Just two ladies doing typical Mom stuff (Elon Musk's Mom and Futurama's Mom)This 18 year old Futurama joke(xpost)With Atlanta under a tropical storm Warning experts believe futurama may have been more historically accurate than previously thoughtMy favorite scene from Futurama

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Funny spongebob pictures

3rd world SpongebobSpongebob evacuated as wellSpongeBob Cubepants2016 Summed Up In Pictures From Spongebob

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Funny simpsons pictures

Simpsons.These Simpsons predictions are getting out of hand.The SimpsonsOJ at his parole hearing (x-post from r/thesimpsons)

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Funny family guy pictures

Family Guy knows what's upFamily Guy predicted EAFamily Guy knows what's upPeter Griffin being Peter Griffin (Family Guy) Why I love that show

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Funny instagram pictures

Every “model” on Instagram when she gets a new hairdoCeleste Barber’s Instagram parodies are killing itTrolling the instagram scammerJust got the original Instagram camera for 10 bucks.

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Funny nailed it pictures

Nailed it!Nailed itNailed itNailed it... all the way back in '97

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Funny badass pictures

What a badass. Cows are no match.Go to the Samurai experience in Kyoto, they said. You'll learn to weild a sword like a badass, they said.The most badass referee everCustomer came into my part time job wearing this badass shirt!

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Funny 80s pictures

To the six people in User Sub that will see this, enjoy this piece of 80s rally gloryThe 80s - when being drunk in the bathroom was a real challengeTeaching kids about the 80s.Only 80s n 90s kids will understand.

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Funny 90s pictures

when you hear a song from the 90sI thought that this idiocy had died back in the '90s after Joe Lieberman got humiliated.The first time I experienced something meta was in the 90sThe loudest thing of any 90s kids late night.

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