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And don't forget to smileGlobal CrisisHooked my boss' seven-year-old son up with my old Pokemon cards. This is his thank you note.Gutter flat?Puck gets in over his headI really like 50 CentIts Coming...!This company understands their clienteleI always wondered what would happenPerfect product placementBlack people sure are scared of aliens! That's a stereotype right?GF asked me to fix the shower.Told my wife it was a sign from god.Lifehack, right in the feels.I miss my computer...I was disappointed...excellent subtitles, NetflixMy new shirt just arrivedAs a plumber...I really need to sort my clothes out...My Neighbors dog is a stalker!So, who's gonna win?Saw this picture from the Ferguson riot and couldn't help myselfWhats in the box‽Funny Animal Picture Of The DayPut on the red lipstick they said...everyone's wearing it they said...you'll look great they said...People warned me about pickpockets in Barcelona. So I made this decoy wallet that drops glitter when you open it.