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I don't normally giggle but anything that makes me is worth sharing                        
                    PeteRhianna dressNeeds more realismSurely you jestThen why do we have 2 microwaves?When people start barking at my service dog...A summary of my day without my ADHD medication...My name is Jonah...                        
                    Communication is key, couples.Thank You OP....Probably should add it to my resume..Well, fuck you!Its a lose-lose situation reallyIowa state, asking the real question...When its your first role as an extra in a hollywood film and you don't want to mess it upWent to a toilet at a bar last night. Instructions unclear, got a ticket for foul languageDave Bautista has achieved full Drax.Don't make me ask you twice...How's your week going?                        
                    Fuck that alligatorThe stats don't lie, wake up peopleSnoop Dogg in the WWEHow did I never notice this the first 100 times I watched 'The Big Lebowski'? RIP Donny.What a boring hamburger.