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Spot on psychoanalysisPoisonHe saw his chance, and he took it.Good to know that I stay on top of things when I'm drunkThe most danish thing i have ever seenMen deserve praise as well.Poor Margaret                        
                    This was me waiting, every night, until I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me.I think the movie Titanic left a big impression on 9 year old me.How to handle retirement.Teacher.You forgot to give us homework.It's about to go downSex with SupermanThis will always beSteve doesn't know a damn thing!You never know who's listeningAfter everyone calms the fuck down.Shit happens, Just wondering how?                        
                    "I want Humans with Frickin' Lasers on their Heads"Ahh shitThe New Comment SystemI see what you did there, headline writer.My microwave is demanding a sacrificeIt's a lieDo you want them to die?