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The single greatest 4H presentation i have ever seen                        
                    Ladies and Gentlemen, Frank Un..... oh waitCalvin's take on GodHey you Wake up !That could like have germs on it...Oh look a quarterElectric cars are the craze these daysself defense.HAHAHAHShe's very fawned of doughnutsWell...Beast of a man uses tackle as momentum to be glorious.I found this on the back of my shorts...This guy... deserves employee of the month.And we're live in 3.. 2.. 1..That moment you realise your parents are hipstersThe most beautiful thingSkipping the leg dayIt's a newest area of the friend zoneThere was a spider in the plant. It's gone now.The evolution of Google's Logo?this sunbed gets my seal of approvalThe card I made my sister for her wedding.Every time I watch Disney movies with my boyfriendNervous?