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She face swapped with her doll.This should make for a memorable day.Do we have to do thisMind Blown.Wait. This isn't how everyone hands out candy?Easy, breezy, colorswirlTo avoid being a 5th wheel on VDay, I brought Colbert as my date.The Thirst is RealExcuse me, which aisle did you pick that up on?A girl at uni fell asleep in a chair and the responses were greatHow we used to hide porn.Obama Hangover 3 ZingerThe box where I keep all my old memories...On the back cover of Banksy's bookMy friends wedding picture in the grand cayman last year just got an additionHere's to hoping Calvin is acquitted on all charges this ChristmasHow I imagine my college spends my tuition moneyHow I tell co-workers to stop poking holes in the plastic wrap on pallets I ship.There is nothing more Pilot posing for a photo mid-flightMoved into a dangerous area, need tips on self-defense.When everyone is expecting a dickbuttClassic Cleese! I love everything he does! (Sorry if repost)We all have those days.                        
                    I love her !!!!We're all racist.