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Adjusted Harry Potter book title to reflect the cover of the bookI told my dad I was having a bad hair day, his reply:When you see itThis is how we in Mississippi fight heart diseasePlease...Go back to...No wonder Dory went missingAbra Kadraba AlakaslamSo my sis wanted a silly family photo [OC]The Office DogThese comics are ugly, stupid, and constantly disappoint my parents, just like me. But it's birthday so you have to look at them.Yeah, that dirt isn't going anywhere.BushTroll level cyborg                        
                    The Truth HurtsBe the change you want to see in the world..New post Catrick Swayze chirps at the birds!Because the truth. It's ugly.You okay, man?True thugs know how to spellRival newspaper sneaked in this ad in the Matrimonial section.The paper clip from Microsoft has fallen on some hard timesquestions to think aboutFancy Feast? I hate Fancy Feast.                        
                    It's called