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A teacher I worked with found this gem in a pile of old work books.Monster coneyThe smell of the olives causes extreme euphoria in Cats, similar to CatnipDon't Do It                        
                    There is no wrong time for having a piece of cake (24 years ago today, during Romanian revolution)Swiper, no swiping!When you're out somewhere and you smell weedEven suicide is pointlessBrowsing usersub today is like...At least she's honestFear me! 2When I'm sleeping and smell any type of food whatsoever.They finally made one for usI would’ve never guessedThe greatest evilhey BeckyMy culture is not your snackfood!See ya snapchat, it was good while it lastedNice try..They wanna adopt her so bad...God dammit MichaelMr. Tiddles knows whats upSaw 2 boxes having sex on the drive homeSomeone is happyMy boss is a skilful womanMy sister's dog was not happy we left him at home and tried to dig his way out of the fence