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Hope this makes you giggleSoul leaving the bodyJust me trying to make it to the front pageI teach high school freshmen. One of them left this on their desk today                        
                    My Nana asked me to fix her phone because Boom headshotList of priorities on Christmas according to my 7 year old sonThe biggest issue when trying to sleep in the summer.The troops need help guys..He's got it figured outGeorge Costanza inspirational quoteDad walks in on his daughter and boyfriend.........After going out to dinner on every first date.. ever..Outside a bar spotted in Paris                        
                    My kind of workout                        
                    Why are they here?My nephew holding his baby sister for the first time. As a single guy it reminded me of what it's like to hold someone's baby.Bedum TSSSMy 4y/o picks the best books from the library.The Times telling it like it is.YOU WANT A PONCHO.I am not from the south. Guess which one is my vehicle.Damn, Ash. You're a dick...