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He's only human when he wants to be..Oh, irony, you never fail. (Senior quote I found in my yearbook.)More cushion?A request to the athletic department.Went to the hardware store for some carpet tape and stumbled into this.My 18 y/o son's bed before graduationSo I was in the art gallery last night                        
                    This banana is a huge Bob Marley fanSo trueNothing more exciting than your first day on the job                        
                    Illegal aliens taking our jobs!Football PrankI feel like this is everyone on r/history right now.Now Starring Rachel DolezalWas just in Five Guys and a couple of people wanted to take a picture with my dad because they thought he was Danny DeVito from Always Sunny. Frankly, I don't see it...Good times at Lake Erie!Mature Language                        
                    The exact moment I knew not to trust my kittens around candlesSteve Martin Park                        
                    Garlic BreadCow using a water pump, that's all.For the love of God do not go outside at 9 pm!my little ninja-in-training