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Gay pornQuite the fall.Trying my darndest to fit in with the folks on my old delivery route.2 young girls fisting in public.The billboards in my town just keep getting stranger and stranger...I took this picture of a dog at work today...These women have seen some things..Surprise!How not to use quotations...A must for any parentsElastic PowerWrong on so many levelsy = -x^3Laziest R2-D2 costume everAubrey Plaza, Late Show-Tuesday vs Late Night -ThursdayThe Man. The Legend.Col. Hyper-diaper.Excessive CelebrationOne of these two is baked and it's not the pizzaMy sister doesn't know what to do with bugsCyu AgenYou don't need to be a mind reader....My parents asked me to come home from school for the weekend.Hours later and I finally got the son of a bitch. Decided to celebrate the kill with a trophy mount. (This was my first post, two years ago today...decided to bring it back.)Sign on printer at workSuch graceMy cat sleeping.