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Giant Asian woman terrorizes crowdAh yes, the famous tart-tongued Queen of Thorns. And the famous tart, Queen Cersei.Good instructions from a holiday sweater.Dog can't bear watching loving someone elseIt has been 10 days, they still haven't noticed i'm a chicken.                        
                    Eagle reaction shot from the movie "Kickboxer". This is the eagle reacting to JCVD's kickboxing skills.Apparently my G/F and I were not on the same page when she texted me this.Wat.Actual sad songs for sadness purposesNow we all know what to do.ETconomicsThe best revenge of all timeTo the guy who ordered the fleshlight, your mom's anal beads have arrivedPrime advertisement placementDriving down the street I see this guy looking like a boss.Meanwhile on Mars..Who Wore it Better? Beiber or Encino Man?For the hoe on the go!You had one job..All I could think about when seeing Ireland enter.Mostly original dump.Film Festival BingoOh shit!When the truth comes out...>Drill SergeantsThe Majestic Whale Breaches The Surface