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I do dadCarl, Nooooooo!Looks like some Freedom just rolled into WalmartNever trust a Cat....Found this sweet drink coaster at my dad's house.My boss's solution to the Texas sun.It happens to the best of usSo I googled I am frootTinder level 10000When the frontman at a concert tells me to make some noiseUnattended Child Found at WalmartOut of nowhere!Bobby's going placesTechnology for giving a number of high five but not so highAhoy mateys!This artist deserves a honourable mentionToronto, where the mayor has more street cred than the rappersDoes anyone know what kind of hummingbird this is?Caught Albus LyingSince everyone thinks they are so tall. Here is my friend and I in a kitchen in Copenhagen.But lieutenant Dan.. You ain't got no legsHoney, I think you need to see another gynecologist.A custom cake someone wanted while I worked at DQClassic House.THIS is the most scary m-facker from my childhood.Were you listening to me Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?