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Went to a wedding since being single. They had a photo booth.Oops, forgot my phoneYes, yes you are Patrick.Trying to catch him Ridin dirtySaving a lamb requires true dedicationMy friend in Tennessee knows how to prepareRich Kid Band-Aidsdaughter's first loveDonald Sterling OvershareWhy I don't pity the younger people who complain about writing papers.While looking up a places to get a haircut I found this funny reviewShark problemsSorry, I've gotta take this                        
                    6,000,000 B.C.SHAMEEEToaster mini dumpApparently Walgreens didn't quite believe me when I said my son's name is Peter.The difference between surprise anal sex for the one who does it and the one who does not.Viewers are no different than dogs.Squirrel for Heisman.Whenever I have to reach a word count for an essayMy Boss hates germaphobic assholesOur janitor doesnt take no shit.Times are getting tough down at the Wonka factory.                        
                    Now you have no excuses :)