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As a father of two girls, this had to be done.                        
                    Fuck yo' couch!You stay classy Pittsburgh.Panoramic                        
                    That time of the monthThis hotel has clear instructions for an emergency situationDammit JimChoosing where to go on vacation in EuropeomgYou've gotta learn the five D's of dodgeballDad buys teenage daughter a car, makes sure she never forgets itZombie CatSomeone did not skipped leg dayripMom sent this photo of me for my birthday. Girlfriend added the captionHigh af after a trip to the dentistThat teacher looks a little suspect...67k shares, I don't want to live on this planet anymore.Which is it??                        
                    The university decided to give me one last middle finger before they send me on my way into the worldNever forget.Teacher had enough of your shit!Just a soda ad from the 1980s. Why is everyone giggling?