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I work part-time at a daycare center. The kids are only allowed to play with electronics on Fridays. This 7 y/o boy just couldn't wait another day to play Pokemon Black.For the psychopaths this Easter.Girl steps on cat faceplant karmaD- for effortSo, who are you again?are we there yet?You what now?So we just got a Dairy Queen in Moore Oklahoma....New sign up in the men's bathroom at work...What are you buying ?Found this earlier today.Sad but true.Poor Engineers....This kid's going places.Gotta try this some timeGravity can wait, I will take my nap now!Friend tried to register for his very first gmail account today...2:20 am: My sister decides I should know how her party is goingGary Busey's way of wishing everyone a happy Halloween.The last thing Bill Cosby's victims remember.Why you shouldn't party too hard around kids with art majorsbye bye                        
                    Victory dance.So this hot air balloon took off over my city today...My childhood passport photo. They told me not to blink.Gee thanks!