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Well *I've* never found one...Enzo Ferrari was a Simple ManThe Many Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.Passive aggressive sign.                        
                    Friend went to London and brought a book back for my daughter. I guess the Brits just do baby books a little differently.That valentine is a bit forward, don't ya think?My boss didn't like his face of the group picture and asked me to photoshop it. Unfortunately, I have very limited GIMP skills.Who remembers this?They Weren't Kidding.-.-A special place for your best friendthe world is a dark dark placeMy father recently broke both of his wrists.... Man I wish I had thesePSA: Texting while driving is dangerousAlways love a bit of good self-deprecationBob Ross painting level 100.Medieval Blietzkrieg Siege EngineSister in law is impregnated by an AlienBros Unite!That moment where you give your dog a biscuit and it looks like she's got big buck teeth...How many people think more parents should try this? =)My boyfriend didn't find this very amusingMy sister always knows how to make me feel betterHoroscope