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Another ShotEpic early '90s photobomb on my sister by a young me, recently found while looking through old pics...For those wondering where spiderman was when the avengers were saving NYI think CAPTCHA needs to talk to someone...Raiders of the Lost Bark.I knew it was trouble when they drove by.My mom ordered a graduation cake with a cap drawn on. I guess they misheard.He's gonna be so embarrassed!WAIT FOR IT...Doggie trust fallIt sort of Bugs me.I recently moved in with my GF and her dog. I don't think he trusts me.If you get this, you're from a great eradon't cry sweetieMy friend sent me this card for my birthday... Guess which country he comes fromAlice and Dorothy bondingIn the mind of every pigeonA friend of mine went with his girlfriend to one of those o_oForbes vs NasaPulled over for nothingI don't know anymore, here's a rat eating spaghetti.Earlier this month, a stranger and Eddie Vedder posted a fake picture of themselves holding my box of Atari games. A commentor challenged me to post a picture of myself with verification, holding a picture of OP, and Eddie Vedder while holding the box of gWhen my fiancé was 12, she was Riff RaffOn guard!Pretty sure he's using it wrong