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No, Google! No I did not.The obvious answer.When you're loaded but don't know what to do with itHusband spots his wife scooting across the nursery floor after spending hours trying to get their son to fall sleep.Friends baby looks like Wallace Shawn... Inconceivable!!We all have those days.Well I guess "drugs for your pets" would have been more appropriate...                        
                    A grate set of ribs.They killed Kenny!                        
                    TIL Spongebob Squarepants is 28 years old.Damn you cookie. You're no help at all.Have I told you yet today how much I love you?Keeping your child safe since 1975.On the freeway when suddenly.... 'MericaOne of my favorite comics submitted here“What are your talents?MiscommunicationLet me help you little fella...Bill Cosby on entitlementHe's the master                        
                    James Bond is an awful personMy buddy was just tagged in this paint class photoI said hey, what's going on?