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She's a keeper.                        
                    The Man Who Died Twice                        
                    Welcome to the party pal!I can finally cowboy at the beachYou just can't take the chance.In life, you got to fight for every inchThis sums up most of my posts.How that move was inventedBest explanation of loveLooks like I'm going to hogwartsConfessions of a serial reposterYou can't always get what you wantFine! I didn't want that anyway.my girlfriend was not photogenic in her younger daysThat's some soiled Ad placement!Jackie Chan, Age 62 and still doing his own stuntsA friend on Facebook shared this slide from her class. The difference between urban, suburban, and rural.I think this style fits him just rightI recently lost my iPhone. This is not encouraging news...My wallpaper when I closed out of my pornHigh-fives for everybody!How To Open A PaperMommy life preserverTumblr be likeSign outside Aurora, Colorado Radisson Hotel