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HALPJust gave this to my wife. It got a little noisy shortly thereafter.It's water under the bridgesupToday on Making of a MurdererOh HalNews reporter has epic diva meltdown live on air over a presenter wearing the same colour dress as her.For the love of god please!Are we Irish?I've got a special package for youThe Baltic Sea is actually a confused alligatorWoke up at 4:30am to make breakfast for my wife's birthday ... maybe I should have taken her to IHOP instead.Meanwhile in CanadaWhat happened here?!?Coolest sister-in-law ever surprised my brother by inviting some special guests to the wedding. I may or may not have made out with the hotter storm trooper later that night.When someone messes with my sleephmmm..My deepest fear as a kidDo you?Reddit officially has a gang sign now.                        
                    This snack does not look appealing to me.When it's always been your destiny to work as a checkout employeeHow Hank handles Peggy when she is upset.So that's what Benjamin Franklin is thinking!Blood moon bandwagoners.Just a monkey riding a dog chasing a goat