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Cat Came In Like A Wrecking BallSo my two brothers went to Katy Perry last night and were accidentally given VIP floor ticketsRyan Lochte's only witnessWatching Boy Meets World with my roommate today, when suddenly...The Birden of HistoryFamily GuyMiley vs BieberWell that escalated quickly...I detest censorship. We will all miss you Sherley.Relatively soonWhen boys give you cute nicknames.How To make Coffee. lolCensorship in the ~1940sMy son starts Pre-K next week, I don't think I understand this new math they're teaching these days                        
                    Amazing!Microsoft: Server Life, HonestlyWhy I don't pity the younger people who complain about writing papers.How's your semester going?Pffft, women! Amiright?Boop!This kid knows what's up.She is probably delivering a messageHad to barf....An Olympian ReactionThis kid is going to regret his 15 minutes of fame forever.