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Just moved into a new house. I don't think this is fooling anyone.She's 18 alreadyFriend's dog photobombed their beach photo.I heard someone yelling in the bathroom. I think I may have found the source.Welcome Homehow funny :DPretty much the I guess that's my email address?If we only knew his name...Spotted a unicorn at the supermarketThe saddest stick family.No cat nap for you.You gonna light that pipe?Will you please shut the fuck up we're trying to watch tvSo much pain...if you're feelin down ...Supa FlyGarfieldMy friend dressed up as his mom & tried to get his phone backAfter a year of telling my friend he looks like Rick Ross, he finally sends me this pictureI am an expectant father, and was made to pick some items for our baby shower. Bingo.Sign says Oh, ButtersWork life.Gave my daughter a toy camera, first thing she did was take a photo of my coffee. I'm apparently raising a blogger.You're gonna go far, kid.