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Gatwick Airport really know how to build hype for their renovations.Best lesbian t-shirt ever.Possibly the greatest table of contents everI don't think he was invitedThe Adventures of the Business CatYeah...Okay there, Ron.otter punsAlligator found in Houston Flood.Fair warning...Thanks Google MapsWe all have that one friendDouche Alert!I have been submitting to The New Yorker for a while now. Here is one of my favorite rejects.2 Interesting Facts About MeOh my gawd!Wife texted me Because that SD card is SOOO complicated to install.Welcome to UNIn case you were worried...Mmmm taste like orange juice right after you brush your teethToronto, where the mayor has more street cred than the rappersThis subtle product placement at the Atlanta aquariumThe Brad Paisley concert got a little wild.I just found the old guy from Jurassic Park. He didn't die he is selling meats at trade shows.My friend texted me this. Sorry it only works if you're on your phoneWell that was grossQueen Victoria has a new dressShit's about to go down