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First blood! Double kill! Triple kill!I usually reward myself with a food I like after I excerciseThat's some punishmentFilm Festival BingoAttempt to reenact The Lion King goes terribly wrong when Simba suddenly needs to use the restroomSeriously thoughI went to Sea World on Sunday.. Was not disappointedLife Goals....Happy fridayGiving you guys something that you guys didn't ask forMick Fanning shark finally comments on the incidentThis guy put a bumper car on his trike"Yeah, just stick them on top. I'm sure they'll be fine."He gets shockier the angrier you make him!Never work with animals or children, and especially not with friggin' birds!Bong water and laptops dont mix. Seriously!Someone submitted an IT ticket today because every image in their browser is Nicolas CageHipster Peer Pressure.I don't remember what they wanted me to buy, but this was the best commercial ever.Maybe the chemical in my eye isn't so bad.Teachers claiming its not a project you can do overnight.So my friend left his bag strap hanging out of his locker...Think I can tell who is my Dad's favorite...Joey brought his cat to school todayLife in a Sober Living Environment.They crave that mineral.