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                    Ninja DinosaurThis was grandma's good luck charm. Found after she passed.You are not alone. This the last 3 years of our Christmas photos u/Caraticuss.North Korea declared War on the USNot this again...You feelin froggy?"You have three unread messages"Funtime ActivityDerpy DinoBrace yourself and...When the gym is lit as fuckI've got it, I've got it, I've got it!We will always be breast friendsThe new confections shop in my hometown doesn't seem very legit.Sister got me this for my 18th birthday...Found her under the dresser with a small pile of sesame seeds from her bowl.Micheal Scott wants you to know his prioritiesTh...thanks Google, but I'll not go with option number three.Knowing Me, Knowing EU                        
                    ... but don't worry about it once flu season ends.My dad's masterpiece from Christmas '15.It sure is.Shit.Truckers breaksWhat?