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Now You KnowWhat's the hardest way to become a mummy?Strike!So my buddy makes balloon art...Free wiener Wednesday every Tuesday?There can be only one...                        
                    Colbert confesses his wrongdoingsMy day was shit until I read this.Life Alert!...stabbed with what and why???Shh...Camoflauge level: OVER 9000My parents are going to be here any minuteCake pops for today                        
                    Anyone need a fish?When you think life's going great, then reality hits hardI can't even think of a caption.Well this just made my shower time longerMust be my rideDo not urinate here. Or else.A Quality DumpBatman's IdeaPossibly the best bar name in the world. Spotted in Bangkok Thailand.HE IS REALTo those staying behind for the hurricane