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Im 21...Ugh don't post it, I look grossTrolling CraigslistUK protestors try to burn the EU flag, but can't because of EU regulation on flammable materialsAfter several times of accidentally locking my wife out of the house, she made this to help me.Life adviceI sent this picture to most of my family. I just now noticed what my dad did to my fridge in the background... (Me and my brother's names are Nick and Nate)Free CleaningI think I could squeeze something out..Sure is one of a kind!My aunt got pictures of her pets with Mrs. Claus. This one is golden.You move.Plagiarism isn't cool.My friends were throwing a party last night. This was taken around 4:45pmKid tries to use a drinking fountainMy cat has that murderer faceMy daughter wrote this fart poem in kindergarten. It's getting framed.Poured a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats only to realize my 3yr son ate the frosting off all the wheat squares.Come play with us, Danny, forever and ever and ever...How does NASA organise a party?A nurse my wife works with took this picture on vacation.My mechanic doesn't take bullshit from anyoneSunday ScootWinnie the Pooh discovers TumblrA farmer in the shop next to mine is selling beef...I taped up my own sign next to his on the fridge.When the cat feels the same way about my sorority sisters as I doHow to troll a bee.